Friday, November 01, 2013

Just Where Does Sir Peter Hendy Get These Bus Drivers From

On Wednesday this week, Cannon Street was closed to traffic all morning as a TfL bus decided to ram the bollards outside the new multi million pound forecourt of Cannon Strret station. In a bid to escape the cliches of the bollard, the driver then inexplicably reverse into a fellow bus behind him. Both buses now out of service blocked the road for hours causing traffic chaos!


Anonymous said...

years ago,you used to have a driving pre-drive,to see if you was good enough to learn to drive a bus and then you went to chiswick,there you learnt to drive a bus,skid patch and all,that took about 3 to 5 weeks and they put you through it,you learn to carry people and not sacks of potato`s ,suppose that`s why lover-boy hendy could only be a conductor because it was hard then,well, I thought some one said he was on your taxi leaks,he more than likely could not make the grade

Rev. V Haldady said...

They get the bare minimum training now, profit is all that counts.

Remember the skid pan and the topple test? All gone now, land sold to the highest bidder .

It can only get worse so get one of those cameras fitted to record whatever happens.

'It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man enter the kingdom of heaven'

Anonymous said...

Exactly, the driving a standards of some bus drivers is terrible, stopping on the parking brake seems to be the norm. It is very uncomfortable and potentially dangerous"