Thursday, November 07, 2013

Dress code crackdown means taxi drivers can't wear Rugby shirts.

Taxi drivers in Sir Peter Hendy's home town of Bath, face having to adhere to a stricter dress code, with sports shirts - including Bath Rugby ones - banned.

Bath and North East Somerset Council is looking to update its rules and regulations for taxis and taxi drivers.

Examples of unacceptable standards of dress included in new rules include clothing that is ripped, torn or holed, items bearing words or graphics that are suggestive or offensive, sports shirts such as football, rugby or cricket shirts, and tracksuits.

Any driver that is deemed to have failed to meet these standards of dress and continues to defy the code after being warned by council officials will be given four penalty points - with 12 in a year risking the loss of his or her licence.

One taxi driver, who wanted to remain anonymous, said: “I have been a taxi driver in Bath for eight years and I have never heard something so stupid.

“What you wear will not affect how you drive.”.

Another driver said: “I resent being told what I can and can’t wear.

“I can understand that the council want us to look smart, but banning sports shirts is over the top.”

The council said that taxi drivers had been consulted and no objections had been received.

Cabinet member for neighbourhoods Councillor David Dixon said “Taxi drivers are often the first or final impression of the city that people receive when travelling into, around or from Bath.

"In effect, taxi drivers are ambassadors for our area and the content of the council’s licensing policy reflects the requirement for drivers to perform their duties professionally.

"For many years, our taxi licensing standards have insisted upon respectable dress and a clean and tidy appearance.

"However, there has been a lack of clarity on how this is defined.

"Following discussions with the Taxi Forum, we have suggested that wearing clothing which is ripped or torn, a tracksuit, words or graphics on clothing that are offensive and sports shirts.

"A football, rugby or cricket shirt is recreational dress.

"Nobody can seriously suggest this attire is suitable for the workplace and at very worst it could result in rival fans being openly aggressive toward the taxi driver."

The proposed changes will be discussed at a B&NES cabinet meeting next Wednesday. 

Source Bath Cronicle 


Beau Brummell said...

Another example of petty officialdom, what is the dress code form employees of Bath council or indeed TfL?

Many people we see coming in and out of Palestra are hardly from the pages of 'Tailor and Cutter are they?

Anonymous said...

to be honest im surprised something like this hasnt been in place in London. What with all the palaver with the suit and tie and the yes Sir no Mam etc on the knowledge...You get your badge and you can drive around unshaven in flip flops shorts and a vest...which some do...As a whole we wouldnt come top in any "best taxis in the world" league for smartness of drivers..

Gok Wan said...

LTDA to introduce uniform for its members:

White shirt, black and orange striped tie,
Black Bowls blazer, chinos, brown sandals worn with yellow socks.

As modelled by Bob Oddy and his bowling partner Steve Wright, every Sunday at the Pinner Bowls Club.

Anonymous said...

He needs to address the "smokers" outside the front of Palestra they look like poor little orphans huddled round the front blowing their smoke on the visitors !!