Sunday, November 24, 2013

Addison Lee Driver Filmed Smoking Crack Cocaine

A minicab driver from Addison Lee, was secretly filmed inhaling crack cocaine as pedestrians passed by only inches away. 

A shocked witness watched as he pulled kitchen foil from the boot, sprinkled on coke crystals and heated them from underneath.

He then used a makeshift tube to inhale the fumes. 

The man described as Asian clean-shaven and aged about 30, leaned back as he felt the hit before driving off minutes later. 

The Minicab filmed in Plastow East London, carried the Addison Lee livery on the roof and rear windscreen. 

A spokesman from Addison Lee thanked the Sun on Sunday for drawing their attention to the video evidence.

He added "we have referred this matter to the police and transport for London. The driver has been suspended by Addison Lee and will no longer be providing his services.


Anonymous said...

Jim, this is a great artiticle... it exposes the weaknesses of PH licencing. The fifth dimention the law commission fails to address is that KoL license holders are vetted bonofide safe to carry the general public...

Anonymous said...

See, it is humorous 'cause the indicator claims "If the thing is some thing you want...and so on."
And as opposed to indicating one particular
in the nerds you go, "nice footwear!"...
See, it really is
humorous 'cause there is surprise and cruelty, proper?
I imply, what else is comedy?

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure "Anon 12:52" is the drivers rep from Addison Lee
Probably run out of kitchen foil.

Anonymous said...

Reply at 12.52 WTF!! Am i missing something here?

Anonymous said...

PH driver have to work long, long hours to scrape a living.

Cause and Effect?

Anonymous said...

thats not crack if you look he has a big bit of foil ...crack is a little pipe ...he is what is called "chasing the dragon" or in english smoking heroin ...papers should get there facts right

Anonymous said...

addison lee now employ anybody as much as we have always disliked them they did seem to have from what i understand from a green badge holder who works in there driver liason dept a strict employment policy until a couple of years ago, now its a free 4 all and what gets me is they have 75% OF THE FOOTSIE 100 COMPANIES as clients. And yes people there driver liason dept is made up of working london green badge drivers shame on them