Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Transport For London Index Of Shame: Safer Oxford Street Blog.

1) Total Number of Bus Collisions involving TfL buses (1 April 2007-31 March 2013): 145,533

2) Total Number TfL Bus Collisions with pedestrians (1 April 2007-31 March 2013): 3591

3) Total Number of TfL Bus Collisions with cyclists (1 April 2007-31 March 2013): 1219

4) Number of pedestrian fatalities involving TfL buses (1 April 2006-31 December 2012): 76

5) Year-on-Year % increase in fatalities resulting from TfL bus-pedestrian collisions (2012): +37.5

6) Number of TfL bus-pedestrian fatality investigation reports conducted by bus companies seen by TfL: 0

7) Total Number of Dangerous Driving Prosecutions by CPS (October 2006-May 2012): 360

8) Number of TfL bus drivers prosecuted by CPS for dangerous driving (October 2006-May 2012): 9

9) Total TfL expenditure on Metropolitan Police (1 April 2006-31 March 2011): £431,240,000

10) % decrease in London’s Road Safety budget since 2008: - 62

11) Year-on-Year percentage increase in pedestrian fatalities (2011): +33

12) Year-on-Year percentage increase in cyclist fatalities (2011): +60

13) Number of indicators relating to safe driving in TfL’s ‘Quality Performance’ Contracts for buses: 0

14) % of elderly and children among TfL bus-pedestrian fatalities (October 2006-May 2012): 33.3

15) Total TfL expenditure since 2009: £17,100,000,000

16) Total compensation TfL has paid due to accident claims since 2009: £4,760,000

17) % of total TfL claim compensation as part of Total Expenditure since 2009: 0.03
18) Number of TfL staff who make over £100,000 per year (2011): 365

19) Annual Salary of Transport Commissioner Peter Hendy (2011-12): £486,660

20) London Councils that have adopted borough-wide 20 mph limit: Islington, Camden & Southwark

21) London Council that controls speed limit on Oxford Street: Westminster

22) Speed Limit (mph) on Oxford Street: 30

23) Number of TfL buses per hour on Oxford Street: (up to) 300

24) Number of ‘desecrating garages’ Sir Peter Hendy claims necessary to eliminate Oxford Street buses: 2

25) Number of studies/reports/analyses upon which Sir Peter Hendy’s claim is based: 0

26) Annual number of Pedestrians on Oxford Street: 200,000,000

27) Frequency of Collisions on Oxford Street vs. London Average: 35 times

28) London Council with highest number of pedestrian and cyclist casualties: Westminster

29) Number of Killed-and-Seriously Injured from TfL bus/pedestrian collisions on Oxford Street (2006-Aug 2012): 59

30) Number of TfL Bus-Pedestrian Collisions on Oxford Street (2006-Aug 2012): 192

31) Lowest Council Tax in UK: Westminster

32) Local council that earns highest amount from parking charges in UK: Westminster

33) Amount Oxford Street Exceeds EU Norms for NOx Emissions: 4.5 times

34) Estimated number of hours it takes to clear lungs from Oxford Street Emissions: 7

35) Number of annual deaths in London attributed to Air Pollution: over 4000



Choking of Marylebone said...

If buses were cabs we would be off the road pronto.

A brilliant piece of research, Peter Hendy is always harping on about if TfL was a private enterprise he would be on squill ions a year.

Let us remind you that if it were and produced figures like this, the only salary you would likely get is Jobseekers Allowance!

More front that Blackpool.

Anonymous said...

nothing to see here,move along

Anonymous said...

You won't find this in the main stream media