Thursday, October 10, 2013

LTPH enforcement, still not doing there Jim Thomas

Fabric life Ltd (Safe Ride) regularly park their vehicles on the pavement outside Fabrics, while just a few yards away in Lindsey Street, Police and cab enforcement carry out Badge and Bill checks on Licensed Taxis.
Why do we not see action taken against these vehicles illegally parked on the pavement, illegally plying for hire?

Town Police Clauses Act 1847 Hackney Carriage. 

Sec 46. Drivers not to act without first obtaining a licence.

No person shall act as driver of any hackney carriage licensed in pursuance of this or the special Act to ply for hire within the prescribed distance without first obtaining a licence from the commissioners, which licence shall be registered by the clerk to the commissioners and such fee as the commissioners may determine shall be paid, for the same; and every such licence shall be in force until the same is revoked, except during the time that the same may be suspended as after mentioned.

Plain and simple, it is illegal for  private hire vehicles (licensed or unlicensed), to ply for hire.

From the institute of licensing: Private Hire, an overview.

The principal distinction between a private hire vehicle and a hackney carriage is that a private hire vehicle CANNOT stand or ply for hire or be hailed. It MUST be booked in advance. A further distinction requires that booking are made via a third licensee, who is a private hire operator. The private hire operator must be licensed by the same local authority that licences the private hire vehicle and private hire driver, and the local authority must be satisfied that the operator is suitable to hold such a licence.

The operator is required to maintain records of bookings taken (hackney carriage drivers do not have to keep these records). These serve two purposes:
• Provision of evidence to demonstrate that a booking had been made, and that a private hire vehicle which picks passengers up is not unlawfully plying for hire;
• Provision of journey records can be extremely useful in cases of complaint.

In the original Town Police Clauses Act 1847 Hackney Carriage, the act of plying for hire is referred to as the "special act to ply for hire". The act to ply for hire is what drives on every knowledge student. It's the sole reason why students are willing to study, unpaid, for an average of 44 months. At present, PHVs licensed and some unlicensed, can be seen nightly, plying for hire outside numerous night venues, openly in plain sight. Rapes and serious sexual assaults are currently at an all time high. The Met Police PoP Wandsworth report puts current minicab related attacks, both reported and unreported, at around 22 a week.
In the LTPH staff manual, version 11 (Jan 2013), currently online, why is their no chapter or verse on the definition of plying for hire?

Why are there no guidelines on the license contravention of illegal plying for hire?

Since TfL took over responsibility for the licensing of Taxis from the Metropolitan Police, there has only been one case of illegal plying for hire to the crown prosecution service, which proved to be successful.

WHY has there been none since?  




Anonymous said...

LTPH, driven by Boris, Hendy & Daniels, aided by puppet Mason and now poppet puppet Helen Chapman are nearing the end of their quest now to merge taxis in with the minicab sector, the police act primarily on intelligence that LTPH feed them, so it's clear that information has not been passed over in any great volume, proving conclusively that LTPH have no intention whatsoever in enforcing taxis' exclusive right to ply for hire. I don't expect this situation to change, indeed - it will get worse, & the London Taxi will die a slow & depressing death in my opinion, in accordance with TFL's policy decisions.

Fishy of Farringdon said...

We need some kind of anti corruption investigation.

As Jim says its happening in plain sight, a clear breach of the law yet no meaningful enforcement!

We allege nothing but we need an enquiry NOW to get to the bottom of this.

So we expect the UTG to join the call.

Anonymous said...

Call the demo Jim.

Anonymous said...

Hendy & Daniel's have their wish & have nearly killed off the taxi trade. John Griffin gave the ordersthey called in Delloitte & gave them the guidelines 2 dismantle the LTPH. All this house clearing in time 4 the soon published L C report!
We are now going in2 the same dept as river boats & Victoria Coach station. Administration is going 2 be hellish,bill renewals,lost badges etc
Also over the last few years they have sent out search party's into ethnic communities 2 change the culture of the cab trade, we now have a number of drivers who can't speak English. Some have had their hand held through the KOL. Many can't believe they have a badge & won't rock the apple cart when change comes. It's all part of the plan 2 blur the lines between Taxis & minicabs,.
If you don't have the will or make the resources available 2 tackle touting making it legal, which LC will do. Drivers need 2 come out of their semi comas & LTDA Need 2 do more than do a lap of honour in Ad Vans or its game over!

Ex Clubber said...

Where are the Club, UNITE or the LTDA?

They keep silence whilst we are shafted!


TfL Wotcher said...

1.We had irregularities (exposed heroically on this blog) about the issue of licences to this PH Operator.

2. Now this lack of enforcement on a nightly basis.

What is going on?

Editorial said...

Just watched marshals putting unbooked jobs straight into waiting cars forming an illegal rolling rank at old Billingsgate.

How did this minicab firm flout the rules and get 18 satellite office licences issued after only 12 days of being in business as an operator

Why was this blog lied to for over a year with excuses we proved to be false

Who was responsible for this breach of policy?

This surely has to be investigated by GLA to show if corruption has taken place at Palestra again.


Anonymous said...

Jim, you have the respect of many drivers especially night men who you have work hard to protect

Call the Demo and we will come

Anonymous said...

Editorial - What i can't seem to understand is why the LTDA, LCDC, UNITE, UCG have failed to even mention this once in any of their magz. The whole evidence is online yet no one is bringing this up.

Anonymous said...

time to shut down London before private hire shut us down for good . come on Jim call the demo .

Lost Idiots Dreaming... said...

A lot of talk about the Law Commission here. The best the UTG could come up with is L.I.D.