Sunday, June 02, 2013


Taxi drivers who have campaigned for a rank near Twickenham stadium for several years, feel they have been shunned by the authorities that could provide one.

Drivers working around Richmond and Twickenham want a rank near the stadium to cater for match days, as well as those who attend concerts, who may be younger or have mobility problems.

Drivers have been working with Richmond Council, the RFU and police to see if a taxi rank could be installed in nearby Mogden Lane.

Bill Clarke from the Richmond Taxi Drivers’ Association raised concerns about the number of taxi drivers increasing in London suburbs.

He said: “What we are asking for is not something that is not granted in other areas. The biggest factor involved now is that, since the 1970s, the number of drivers has trebled.”
The drivers said they had not been able to make any headway with organisations that should be able to help them.

A Richmond Council spokesman said: “The area around the stadium is extremely busy on event days, with up to 82,000 people attending.
“Rugby Road is on the emergency route for the stadium and is required to be kept clear of parked vehicles.

“This is with the exception of the shuttle buses which are required to transport the high volumes of attendees to and from the area as quickly as possible.

“Richmond Council has been in discussion with the RFU, the police and taxi companies on the possibility of a taxi rank being installed at Mogden Lane near the stadium on event days.
“Unfortunately, due to a number of road safety concerns, it is not possible nor practical to consider a rank at this location.

“The council is happy to work with the taxi companies to identify a suitable alternative location for a rank in the area.

“Some discussions have taken place on this already though no suitable locations have been agreed as yet.”



Anonymous said...

suitable locations have been found
At argon road facing the cabbage patch and also London road junction with whitton road Both locations could accommodate 30 cabs . these 2 locations were brought up by the met police safer travel team they would clear the area quicker and also Stop the touts at both locations But the Council said NO you could not make it up .
We will resubmit again .

Anonymous said...

The trains went down at Twickenham last night and guess what ?
An emergency call went out from Twickenham stadium for cabs to come to their assistance, as there were large crowds leaving a concert there and no cabs or trains available.

Poetic justice I would say!

Anonymous said...

Suburban drivers are still being kicked around and left in the dark, despite the grand gestures that have bitten the dust.
What has happened to the suburban review by TFL?
The third stage was promised in early 2013. Now I'm no genius but even I know June consitutes mid 2013 and not a dicky bird from those with our best interests in mind!!
We just have to put up with others making our lot worse!!
It was clearly empty promises and vacant gestures from TFL again.....and I was dumb enough to think that the review might actually get things done!!
What an idiot.....