Thursday, June 20, 2013

Taxi Leaks Call For Inquiry Over Unlawful Licenses And An Apology From LTPH.

There are just under three weeks to go and will be able to meet TfL's requirements and apply for license variations which will make them eligible to operated satellite offices in various venues around London.

Hang on you say, they already do this, operating 18 satellite offices in major London night venues and have been operating openly for nearly a year.

And you would be correct. 
RD2 have been operating satellite offices at top London clubs and venues since 08/07/12. 
They were issued with 18 new five year licenses by LTPH, even though they did not meet the requirement of being in business as a stand alone Private Hire operator/provider for the minimum period of one year. In fact they were issued with licenses just 2 days after they registered as a company.

Who knew about this?
Well, for a start Taxi leaks knew after we were told by a concerned member of staff at Palestra and now, after our articles on the subject, so do most of the Taxi trade. 

Have we complained? 
We first complained nearly a year ago, when the whistle blowing member of staff at Palestra became suspicious that something wasn't right and contacted the blog. We spent a good few days investigating the claim and have since posted most of the evidence we gathered from Company's House and various online related websites.

Did you get any response from LTPH?
First we were told this was not a new company but just a name change.
We investigated and found that this was not the case. RD2 was a new company.

We complained again.
This time we were told it was the same director and he had been in the PH business for many years.
We investigated and found that, although the surname was the same, the date of birth and first names were completely different. The new company's CEO was a much older person. We also  check his list of company directorships and found he had never been a director of a minicab firm before.

We made a further complaint.
We received an email stating that LTPH's licensing team were investigating the issue.
That was well before Christmas 2012 and since then we have not received any update, even though we sent further emails, it would seem LTPH are not answering questions about this particular company and are just ignoring the situation.

We published some of our findings on Taxi Leaks, in an article entitled: 

"Bill-Gate"... How Much Longer Can these people survive?

We received word from John Mason Director of LTPH that this post was misleading and slanderous. We were ordered by TfLs legal team to take down the the article or TfL would complain to Google and have them remove the whole blog.

We complied with the request but have since backed up the statements made with evidence which is part of a dossier in our possession. Follow up articles laying out most of our evidence have been posted on Taxi Leaks without one word from Mr Mason or his legal team. 

There is always the possibility that we could be wrong! 
There could be a perfectly plausible reason why the licenses have been issued, but so far LTPH have offered no evidence and continue to say nothing. TfL/LTPH are not a private company and as a public authority, have an absolute responsibility to conduct themselves in a clear and transparent way. 

So it would be fair to assume by their silence, they agree that the serious allegations aimed at LTPH are correct.

In conclusion 
We therefore feel its time TfL publicly apologised to the editorial staff of Taxi Leaks who have been harrised and threatened by John Mason and TfL's legal Team.

 We are also demanding that the alleged unlawful licenses issue with be investigate by an independent complaints committee. If there is evidence of malfeasance or corruption involved in the issue of these licenses, we would ask that the staff members involved be sacked, as was the Brazilian national Marcos Gurgel, who was convicted of fraudulently obtaining cash for license renewals. 


I'm Spartacus said...

Why would they apologise? it's all part of the plan, along with the Met they want a satellite office and an illegal minicab rank outside every club and bar.

The world's No.1 Cab Trade can pick up what these Knights of the Road don't want.

Still lets not blame others for our predicament, the stand down fusiliers of the UTG are not exactly standing on tables in cab shelters rousing us into action

Others are trying but it's a hard road when those who should be standing with them shoulder to shoulder are in fact standing alongside TfL who are the ones conspiring to destroy us.

Someone once said 'you could not make it up', well the reality is here!

Fellow UCG member said...

Can't see LTPH apologising
Probably get another legal letter over this post which shows them up yet again.

Vacant see as Chair for the UCG Jim, please give it some thought. You seem to be the only one still out there shouting for the trade.

JD said...

If Mr Nandha was in his job as head of licensing in July 2012 then it was his responsibility to check if RD2 were eligable and the buck stops with him. It has to be his head on the block if this licenses were unlawful.

kingshill billy said...

Licensed correctly or not this minicab outfit is persistently working from a TAXI rank in gresham street, FACT!

I have personally informed TFLTPH about this and offered both video and photo evidence of this, but you guessed it, not a dickie bird!

wonder why that is?

Anonymous said...

It seems there is a conspiracy of silence involving the Director and new General manager of LTPH

I was also at the Taxi forum when Jim bought this up and the head of licensing didn't even make eye contact.

This is shocking from a public body.

Steve Mac said...

Be honest, what else would you expect from Masons corrupt directorate. They've all got the own personal interests to look after

Who's watching the watchers said...

If there is anything you want to know...just ask