Friday, June 28, 2013

Police try to re-route charity walk in East London.

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The Metropolitan Police Service has imposed conditions on an intended procession and assembly in Woolwich on Saturday 29 June due to concerns that they may result in serious public disorder and serious  disruption to the local community. 


We have been liaising with the organisers of a charity walk in East London since it was first proposed earlier this month.   


We have worked with the organisers to facilitate their event but due to concerns that a route via the East London Mosque would result in public disorder we offered them two alternative routes that avoided the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.  


To date the organisers have declined to agree to either of these alternative routes.


Yesterday, Thursday 27th June we advised them of conditions which we have imposed on the procession and also on the proposed assembly in Woolwich. 


The Section 12 (3) notice under the Public Order Act 1986 imposes a route on the proposed procession of EDL members and supporters starting at Hyde Park Corner and ending at Old Palace Yard. 


The condition has been imposed due to concerns that the procession may result in serious public disorder and serious disruption to the life of the community. 


The Section 14 (3) notice under the Public Order Act 1986 imposes conditions on persons organising or taking part in the public assembly, which means that the assembly can only take place at Old Palace Yard, London SW1 opposite the House of Lords, and Palace of Westminster in the City ofWestminster.  The maximum duration is two hours from the start of the assembly. Again the conditions have been imposed due to concerns that the assembly may result in serious disorder and serious disruption to the life of the community if allowed to take place in East London as proposed.     


Commander Mark Chishty, said;  
The decision to apply the conditions under section 12 and 14 of the Public Order Act was taken based on current community tensions, the current intelligence picture about Saturday and recent marches and protests held by similar groups. As part of the MPS assessment of current community tensions the views of a range of local representatives have been sought. Taking all these factors into consideration the MPS has made an operational policing decision to take this approach, and believes it to be proportionate in these specific circumstances.

Breach of the conditions is a criminal offence, and anyone breaching them may find themselves liable to arrest.


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Tommy and Kevin both arrested for walking towards the spot where Lee Rigby was beheaded.

Whose country is it?