Friday, June 14, 2013

Peter Hendy's TfL Propaganda, Insults The Taxi Trade, Yet Jim Thomas.

In just 81 seconds Peter Hendy made three statements on BBC local radio, that were not only misleading, but also insulted every licensed Taxi driver. 

Three statements from Peter Hendy on the Eddie Nestor Radio Show BBC 94.9 , 13/06/13.

There have been 1006 revocations of PH drivers licenses in the last five years.

2  Vulnerable young women less likely to get into unbooked minicabs

If you don't want your business taken by illegal touts, lets get some cabs out there with their lights on.

In the statement on revocations made by Peter Hendy, 1006 sounds like a lot, but when you consider this total over 260 weeks, it's under 4 a week. Plus the conviction rate has slowed dramatically, in the first quarter of 2013, there were only 6 revocations;

(1) 57296    Belal Ahmed                           10/01/13 
(2) 57905    Emrullah Cicen                        24/01/13 
(3)  51192    Matthew Ade-Tayo Kalejaiye  01/02/13
(4) 144301  Mohammad Khalil Chaudry    15/02/13
(5) 83905    Muhammad Rafiq                   10/03/13                  
(6) 24888   A K M Shohidul Hoque           15/03/13

Possibly, the reason why he chose to go back 5 years, the figures for the last year are abysmal.

 He also said that the police are much better these days at handling touting, really?
The word from Taxi drivers on the streets at clubs and bars would show completely the opposite.

If, as Peter says vulnerable people are now less likely to get into un booked minicabs, how does he explain the statement made in the Problem Orientated Policing report "Unlicensed mini cabs operating in Wandsworth", a report that won the prestigious Goldstein award, that the true figures for minicab related serious sexual assaults, including rapes in London are currently at an all time high of approx 25 attacks per week.

Lets not forget that Peter Hendy once said, on the Eddie Nestor show some years back, after a reported 52% rise in minicab related sexual assaults, that he didn't recognise the figures and they were probably the result of a militant Taxi drivers Blog. The fact was they came from TfL's own website and had been confirmed by the Met police as well as a prominent London assembly member.

Again Peter Hendy has a swipe at the licensed Taxi trade by insinuating that we do not work hard enough and the failings and incompetence of his LTPH directorate lay at our feet.

In 2008, Hendy stated to a London assembly surface transport committee, that Taxi driver take their money by 9pm and then go home. He also said " When you come out of the Grisvenor House at midnight you can't get a Taxi as they won't rank there. Not like the Hilton, now that's a much better rank."

When told by London assembly member Peter Holme Cross that Taxi drivers were unhappy, he said, "They are always unhappy, they need to get out more often."

Peter Hendy paid Hailo a huge compliment saying how great the service is and that he himself is a regular user. He also went on to say that the CabWise app was still available and working fine.
This is not true. It still doesn't work properly on the iPad, never has done, even though its been reported numerous times, it's impossible to book a licensed Taxi using the app on the iPad.

Finally Peter Hendy now in his sixties, stated that he has no intention of ever retiring. On his money neither would I.

                        CABWISE OR CAB NOT SO WISE?



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

10/14 hour shifts six days a week
Not hard enough?

Anonymous said...

Give me half a million pound a year like what Hendy gets and I will work harder

Anymore Fares Please said...

Inane comments from the likes Peter Hendy attacking the London Taxi trade are tempered to distract attention from the real issues. Who gives a f#*k what the likes of Peter Hendy says... He and John Mason are a couple of grossly overpaid insignificant plebs, and incompetent ones at that. The DEFRA report proves that the Mayors Cleaner Air Strategy was a crock of sh#t and the Taxi age limit was the result of CORRUPTION!!!

The last thing Peter Hendy wants to talk about is the CORRUPTION within TfL and the complete mess that he has made of central London's traffic management systems. Hendy is nothing but an angry tedious misfit that Ken Livingstone introduced to the gravy train... He said he wouldn't work under a conservative administration - He then rolled over for Boris Johnson. The old saying "Money talks and Bullsh#t walks" comes to mind. Hendy makes his divisive comments because he feels inferior to most of the people around him - He's got a knighthood but he is a small man that will always feel the need to harrass or intimidate something or someone in order to feed his silly little ego!

Hendy started his career pushing buttons as a bus conductor; I guess he still feels the need.

Now go and ply with the traffic is a derogatory term used to get rid of an irritating moron.Peter Hendy plays with the traffic as a full time job- In a nutshell I would say!

Anonymous said...

Yes Mr Hendy, The Hilton is a better rank, not overrun with scabs, that is of course until your department rents it out for selling cars!

You and Boris deserve each other!

Anonymous said...

Yet we have a PH company called Ride 2 that was issued 18 satellite office licenses within 2 weeks of incorporation. Strange how no one from the LTDA has bothered to even bring this up in their mag! Time to start ranking outside their venues!

cabrider44 said...

If that tosser and his old joe worked as hard as cab-drivers,they both suck up to boris,if boris cant get his way he puts a yes boy there that will,helen`s keeping out the way,or is she waiting to be told what to say,get that bunch of sponger`s out,go and play with the bus`s,thats all your good for,you tell enough lie`s and you believe them,did you learn your lines on what to say on the radio,

Derrrr said...

Cabrider44, the Lcdc has supported the persons you are complaining against 100%. I'm sorry to point this out - But your semi- illiterate comment could have only been made by a disenfranchised member of the club!!!