Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Make no mistake, men are coming to kill us

The Law Commission is currently reviewing all legislation relating to taxi and private hire vehicles. This review, which officials claim is designed to simplify the legislation, could potentially deregulate the industry and as such is a threat to members’ livelihoods. 

If the Law Commission recommendations get accepted and become law, all the previous Hackney Carriage laws and London Cab Acts dating back to the first Hackney Carriage act of 1831, will be repealed. In effect, 182 years of case law history will be binned. 

Famous cases such as;
will no longer form the basis of judgements in legal actions. (Click on names to read cases)

The interim statement from the Law Commission does not commit to legally defining plying for hire. Instead, in their words they will be taking "the more modern approach of pre bookings"


There is to be a mass lobby of Parliament taking place on the 2nd July at 4pm.
RMT, along with Unite and the GMB, is participating in this lobby of Parliament in order to ensure that MPs are aware of our views on any changes to legislation.

The rally will take place in Committee Room 10 from 4pm to 6pm on Tuesday 2nd July. Members of all Trade unions and Org's are encouraged to arrange to meet their Member of Parliament on the day, in order to express their opposition to any further deregulation of the trade. In order to lobby your MP please arrive at 1.30pm.

Please use the box below to contact your MP and get him to meet in committee room 10
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The Lobby of Parliament is our last chance saloon, so put your hand in your coat and make like you have a gun


Below is a template letter if you have trouble composing one for yourself. 


I'm contacting you is in regards to the interim Law Commission report on License Tax& Private Hire.

As a London Hackney Carriage driver and constituent I have concerns that proposals in the report imply statutory underpinning of private hire with no intentions to define 'plying for hire'.

As I'm sure you are aware this is the vital distinction between Licensed Taxi and Private Hire vehicle and any move away from this could have serious implications on the hackney carriage trade taking work away in an already competitive market.


In reference to section 5 of the report:

''We suggest moving away from the out-dated concept of plying for hire and use instead a more modern definition of the limits to the way private hire services may be offered, using the concept of pre-booking (which would be statutorily defined) through a licensed operator''

Next week on July 2nd there is a trade lobbying of parliament with delegates from trade associations. If possibleI I would urge you to attend the meeting in committee room 10 between 4-6pm.


Yours sincerely,



Anonymous said...

Well folks you have a chance to influence your future,


Brian B said...

Done Jim, see you there mate.

Anonymous said...

The London Taxi trade has completely missed the opportunity to challenge any future deregulation.

The London Taxi Age Limit was improper and unlawful. The taxi trade adopted an ' Im alright Jaack ' mentality.

Drivers and operators did not stand up against it on principle;
they stood back and thought becuase it did not directly affect them it did not matter.

Well gues what ; it did.

The recent Defra report confrimed that the the Taxi Aeg Limit could be challenged.

Instead of uniting and taking action to challlenge the improper conduct of TFL and the trade organisations who allowed it to be implemented, no action whatsoever has been taken.

The corrupt and improper actions should have been exposed which would have made any further consultation that these entities have engaged also improper i.e. the law commission report.

There is now a campaign to lobby politians on the grounds that the proposals of the law commisison will adversely affect the taxi trade.

This has no chance of success.

The camapign should have been to challenge the improper and unlawful actions of TFL and the trade organisations.

It is these entities who have consulted with the law commisison and it is the same entities who have not represented the best interests of the taxi trade in the past.

The challenge should be to address the improper and unlawful decsions that have been made and that the consultation process for the law comission is not correct because it has involved the same improper consultation process involving entities which do not give proper representation.

Anonymous said...

Anon; your so wrong.

The Taxi trade will never unite, as long as Oddy is actively involed with the LTDA and the TfL board.

The LCDC and Unite have sold out to LTPH and TfL for a seat at the fold up table beside the LTDA.

Wether you like it or not, the LTDA are the only ones with any power. They have the membership to back them. All other orgs are also rans

Oddy will never allow the LTDA to unite with any one who dilutes his power.

Davis and Kelly are no more than Oddy's puppets, they have no individual power to consult with LTPH.

Oddy hates the RMT and the UCG and will never let them anywhere near the table, while he has a seat on the TfL board.

The DEFRA report will never get an airing in Taxi, the Badge or the CTN even though its all over the independent trade press.

It may eventually find a column or two in back pages but by then the impact will have dissipated.

Your are right there is much corruption at Palestra, but it will never be exposed by trade orgs that are making a living off the gravy train at their members expense.

Gerald Coba said...

Done Jim

Anonymous said...

Trying to order a drink AFTER time has been called at the last chance saloon is likely to result in a sobering thought.

The mentality of taxi drivers will result in their own demise.

Apathetic and pathetic.