Friday, June 21, 2013

EXCLUSIVE: Royal Oak To Move To New 24 Hour Premises.

The Royal Oak Taxi Drivers Canteen, is to move to new premises. 
But don't worry it's just a few yards away. 

Cabbie entrepreneur Johnny Anderson, has acquired a new lease on the old sports and assembly hall situated behind the current toilet block. New premises were necessary as the current porto-cabin and car wash buildings are due to be demolished.

The car wash will be re-sited next to the new canteen and will continue to operate a service 7 am- 7 pm.

The all new 24hour restaurant will seat up to 200 drivers and will have ample off street parking, front and back, which will be accessed from a brand new side road.

Speaking to John yesterday, he tells me he expects to move in to the new place on the 26-27 of July and will open  for business on the 28th

This is the space that will see facilities for 200 drivers with a bank of TVs hanging from the roof
The whole place is sound proofed so as not to disturb the residents of neighbouring apartments 

                                        And this is where the kitchen will be 

Johnny Anderson said although there is much to do, the boys are really going to town on this and I feel we will definitely be opening on the 28th of July. The New Oak will be just like the Old Oak and will be open 24hours. 



Anonymous said...

Will be great to have a through the night canteen again, really miss the old oak

Traveller said...

John is a true gent of the trade.

Cant go into details but a few years back a cab driver was as they say Bang in Trouble.

John heleped out without hesitation and asked for nothing in return

Anonymous said...

John is a gent.
Known him for many years.

When it comes to projects like this, he is fearless

I wish him and the rest of hs family nothing but success.