Monday, June 10, 2013

CRB CHECK: Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse!

Try this one on for size.

From the 17th of June, licensing authorities will no long be informed what is on your CRB check
No I'm not making this up
Only the applicant gets a copy of the CRB check

The appropriate authority will be informed if this check is clear or there is something on it...but they won't have the right to know directly from the bureau what's on it.

Therefore, appertaining to the London Taxi trade, If/when LTPH are advised, that the information disclosed to the applicant is not judged to be clear, they will then have to write and ask the applicant to forward on the original certificate. bet!
Does this leave the door open for possible bet!
Does this add another layer to the process where information could be bet!

LTPH will then make a copy of this certificate and return original to the driver.

So, LTPH will have a cheap photo copy rather than their own official copy of the disclosure document. This copy will then be destroyed when a decision has been made about the application.
The CRB check will be renamed a Document and Barring Check (D&B)

There is however (at a price) a new update service available, which allows LTPH to go on line at any time and check you criminal record status. 

This means that you will still have to apply and pay for your CRB check, but LTPH will be able to check on line (also at any time while the license is current) rather than write to you and ask for the original. 

For the pleasure of saving LTPH two lots of postage and allowing them to carry out online record checks free of charge, you will be required to pay £13 annually.  Any driver who subscribes to the new Update Service will need to provide LTPH with details on their licence application form and confirm that they consent to them carrying out the online check.

They will all, of course, argue that by you paying the added fee, it will ensure that your details are more secure! We would argue, FOLLOW THE MONEY!

TfL say the changes are being made by the DBS and not by TfL. It is one of the government’s priorities to overhaul the criminal records regime to give individuals greater control of their own information". That is until LTPH asks for it.

5 comments: said...

On this occasion, no anger should be directed at TFL. They are only doing what the government allows!!! It's our awful conservative administration that is making these crazy decisions. Roll on 2015 and the next General Election........

Anonymous said...

My last two licence renewals were delayed due to TFL not receiving a copy of my Crb for ages. I was working on cover notes and wondering why it was taking so long. On the issue of the second cover note I was informed that it would be revoked if my Crb check was unsatisfactory. It came back clean as a whistle, as I knew it would, but months late. I was a little put out by tfls attitude, but having waited so long I could see how it might look suspicious.

I'm sure I wasn't the only one who had this experience which is why I'm failing to see the problem here.

TFL are informed that your check is clear, you are deemed fit to act as a cab driver, you incur no expense.
Where's the problem?

The only people who are wary of this are the duckers and divers who chance there arms every day bringing our reputation into disrepute as they do everything to try and remain one step ahead of the law.

Look at the cabs of the drivers moaning about this and a pound to a penny they are not displaying I'd's or wearing badges.

It has been convienient to assume these are yb chancers, but there are so many more green have chancers who think they're a bit cleverer than the rest but don't have the courage to be counted.

A few pence on postage should be the least of these guys worries!!!

If you're straight you'll have nothing to worry about.

The Barristers Bastard. said...
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Barry Barton said...

Nice one anon 10:07
You completely missed the point of this posting and you've used it to attack your colleagues.

At the recent Taxi Driver Forum, held at Palestra, we were told LTPH couldn't afford to write to every driver on an important issue, so you see, these guys do worry about a few pence postage.

It costs about £13K in postage alone to contacted every driver.
On top of this you have materials and manpower time printing off 24,000 letters addressing 24,000 envelopes, puting the letters into envelopes, sealing down, franking and posting. This takes days, sometimes weeks on top of normal duties for the skeleton staff retained by LTPH at Palestra after project horizon.

Next, this has nothing to do with YB/GB or displaying IDs, nothing whatsoever. You've made this into a problem to suit your own agenda!

You have also missed the danger of possible fraud, from divers with serious charges to hide. What ever you send by post back to LTPH can't be checked against CRB records unless you've paid the extra £13. If you got something t hide that would see you revoked, it's worth a chance sending in a forged CRB, not hard to do. Currently there are forged bills out there that are fooling police and compliance teams.

You are also wrong to assume if your CRB is clear you incur no charge.
There is as always, the cost of th CRB plus the added cost of the online facility that you'ill be expected to pay for on behalf of LTPH although they say, at the moment, this is voluntary, it won't be for long

Read the article again, properly and stop trying to use it to castigate your work colleagues

Anonymous said...

Ok, Mr Barton, I'll keep it SIMPLE!!!

If your CRB is clean then you will not have any need to declare what kind of criminal you are and therefore will not incur any further expense.

If your CRB is not clean then you should not be driving a cab. However, any expense incurred trying to convince TFL that allowing a person with a criminal record to drive a taxi should be covered by the driver...but this should be the least of their worries.

My mention of badge colour was not part of an agenda but in plain terms to clarify that the despite previous assumptions that no id's means no licence, anyone of basic intellect can see that the majority of id abstainers hold a green badge and for whatever their reason of abstaination, don't realise that not wearing a badge or displaying ids constitutes failing to comply with conditions of licence: ergo, despite holding a valid licence, you are plying for hire illegally and therefore also uninsured to act as a licenced taxi.

This means you are touting without insurance.

Does this clarify that I'm not castigating my colleagues, but stating my repugnance for illegal touts.

If you think I'm a bit strong, which criminal offence would be acceptable on the record of the driver that brings a member of your family home tonight?

Anon 10:07