Monday, June 03, 2013

Chaos At Concert As Taxis Told To Stay Away From Twickenham... By Jim Thomas.

On the weekend of 25th/26th May London taxi drivers were banned from 'Plying for Hire' around the Twickenham Rugby Stadium area. Drivers were asked to move away from the East Stand area in Rugby Road. Twickenham RFU security staff have stated that London’s taxis are not wanted there on event days.
Source: LTDF

Local drivers warned Richmond Councils that their short sighted plans, not to let licensed Taxis rank or ply for hire in the vicinity of Twickenham Stadium would eventually cause chaos and put the publics safety at risk.

Well, we didn't have to wait long!

Saturday night, after an accident at Putney Station which resulted in the closure of the rail link, we saw 55,000 concert goers stranded. Some for over four hours. 

The free shuttle bus service, which adheres to a set rout, became completely grid locked and nothing could move. The only releaf to the stranded masses were Taxis who, using their local knowledge safely found ways in and out of the area. Unfortunaly, some members of the public were seen putting their personal safety at risk as large numbers of unbooked minicabs openly touted in the area. 

When it emerged just how bad the situation had turned, a call went out for Taxis to help out!!!
So much for TfLs Cabwise Safer Travel campaign.

The Putney jumper has handed Richmond drivers a brilliant scenario, to hit back at the authorities for being so blinkered in their approach to public safety and alternative modes of transport.

Local councillors and the Metropolitan Police Safer Transport Team, have stated they are in favour of event day ranks in London road, junction with Whitton Road and also in Argon Road facing the Cabbage Patch. These two ranks which could accommodate at least 30 Taxis, would have been workable on Saturday night and would also taken care of most of the touts. The unbooked cars that infested the area just added to the congestion.   

The proposed ranks would be highly beneficial to local suburban drivers who have seen their numbers reach almost unsustainable levels. SO, WHAT'S THE PROBLEM. 

Richmond Council surprisingly say NO to any ranks in the area. (Follow the Money?)

It is believed that pressure is being exerted by Twickenham stadium via a police inspector who has so far failed to show up for 2 major planning meetings to try and find a way that will help the travelling public on event days. WHY? (Follow the Money?)

Security staff at Twickenham Stadium have harassed and threatened drivers plying for hire. (Follow th money?)

Private hire cars are being allowed to wait in the area for unbooked jobs. (Follow the Money?)

Can you see the pattern here?

Local drvers have ask for a meeting with Vince Cable local MP, to see if he can help.

This situation is far to common regarding the siting of Taxi ranks. 
Another venue which has major problems with access to and from, is the O2 on the Greenwich Peninsular. A Taxi only lane leaving the venue, would mean that the public using cabs could be wisked away and would not have to endure the expense of being gridlocked with the meter running.

Unfortunately both TfL and Greenwich Council don't do common sense at planning meetings, they prefer to rely on computer modelling which, as we see night after night, results in utter chaos and gridlock.


Anonymous said...

Please share the LOCAL knowledge so we can all find a good way in\out of twickenham

cabrider44 said...

Your right,"follow the money",it most surely stinks,how come the mini cabs were not band ? some one is on the take,said so in so many words before.
Went up the city sat/night family get together,saw the scabs feeding like rats,openly,must say this the old bill were NO where to be seen or even heard them, must be a long tea break,or doing some thing er! better, so they say, supposed to save money,nick a scab,make money a pay for the overtime,whats the problem,they can nick a cab easy,they do it all the time,so why cant to coppers nick a scab,if they dont turn up in-pound the car,old griffin,will have a heart attack,whats that i here,he`s only after a night-hood anyway,thought Livinstone was teflin coated

Veritas said...

The World's number one cab trade, excluded and discriminated at every possibility.

Last month we had TfL sue pending the rank at the Hilton and now more of this type of behaviour. Either a road has no access or it does not so if cabs can't wait there then surely no one else can.

To my mind it all stems back to the Olympic Lanes as once TfL know the UTG had just rolled over on this matter we would do nothing to protect our livelihood!

Well,l Twickenham Drivers they have thrown down the gauntlet to you, will you pick it up and fight back?

As for everyone else do you keep allowing others to speak for you that never ask YOU what you want and a licensing authority that treats you with contempt.

Clubaddabadooo said...

Another nail in the coffin!

For those short sighted goons who think that YB problems are not there's considera well known maxim in marketing.

Once people use service without a problem they don't change.

Why would they not use PH all the time?

It sure worked for Mr Griffin., meanwhile sitting in cab 100 in the queue at Wtaerloo!