Tuesday, June 04, 2013

And so it begins...Public hire taxi drivers protest over fare changes

About 200 public hire taxi drivers have taken part in a protest in Belfast over major change to how services operate.

From September private-hire cars (known as private hire taxis in Belfast) will no longer have to be pre-booked and, like public-hire black cabs, will be allowed to pick passengers up off the street.

There was minor disruption around City Hall on Tuesday morning.

The change was due in April but was delayed to allow the taxi industry to prepare for the move.

In a statement the Belfast public hire drivers said they believed the new one-tier system and deregulation of taxi meters has "no benefit to Belfast public hire or the general public".

Public hire taxi driver William Black said they were protesting as they were left with no other choice.

"We have not been properly consulted and now our livelihoods are at stake.

"We are not against change but it cannot be at the demise of Belfast public hire taxis," he said.

"We are asking for an urgent meeting with the environment committee and the minister."

At present, only Belfast public-hire taxis are required by law to have meters installed.

Not all private-hire taxis in Northern Ireland have meters.

The department of environment said it will introduce a maximum fare structure for all taxis operating in Northern Ireland in 2014.

This will include the requirement that all taxis (private and public) must have an approved taxi meter and receipt machine installed.

Within Belfast only wheelchair accessible vehicles will be permitted to stand at taxi ranks.

Source: BBC NI news.


The Grafter said...

Have a good look boys and girls,

London post Law Commission, 'not a threat' say some trade orgs.

Not a threat!!!

Not ro the stand down desk warriors but you and I the working cab driver certainly.

Anonymous said...

All taxi drivers talk about is money and putting yb drivers down what comes around go around one day ph will be ranking beside us a lot don't want to joint us in the rmt

Old Tongue said...

For Those who Missed This; Law Commission In A Nutshell...

Jim, you have some front... better preachers than you had their finger on the pulse long before the Law Commission agenda was created. The pungent aroma of the coffee and the larger picture is now right up YOUR NOSE !

Clubadabdoo said...

We wont wake up all the whil the non independent cab trade press keeps peddling the sleeping pill of 'TfL and the Mayor will protect us from the Lawcomm'.

No evidence to date of either protecting us over anything, maybe they mean protecting the paid committee men only?