Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Why Do We Keep On About The Lines Of Illegally Plying For Hire Minicabs?

Last August: A brutal sexual assault on an 18-year-old woman, who believed door staff were putting her into a vetted, licensed, safe form of transport home. Sadly, in real life, this is not the case.

The incident on Sunday, August 19, happened after the victim was shepherded into what she believed to be a LTPH licensed minicab outside Egg nightclub in York Way, King’s Cross, at around 3am. She asked the driver to take her to her home in Paddington.

It is believed that the minicab driver then drove her to the Euston area in a silver vehicle where he violently sexually assaulted her. Following the attack, as she lay semi conscious, he took her to Gloucester Place in Westminster where he pushed her from his vehicle and drove away at around 3.55am leaving her lying in the gutter.

Her life and the lives of her close family members have been shattered.
She is one of only 10% of rape and serious sexual assault victims who have the courage to come forward and report this heinous crime

The suspect has been described as dark European, possibly Turkish, aged around 50, of a large build with stubble and dark thinning greying hair that was gelled back.

Anyone with information should call Det Sgt Brian Richards of Sapphire on 020 7421 0203 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

In the much acclaimed POP Wandsworth report, the Met stated that in their opinion, minicab related serious sexual assaults, including rapes, reported and unreported are running at approx 22 a week in London.


Ellie Feghaly was a minicab driver targeting vulnerable women by illegally plying for hire outside clubs and bars in Central London.

A modus operandi that, just recently on the 08/11/2012, district Judge Fanning referred to as "an important part of Londons public transport system".

Feghaly was found guilty on Monday 4 February of rape at Woolwich Crown Court following a successful investigation by officers from the Metropolitan Police Services (MPS) Sapphire Command.

Ellie Feghaly, 44 of Ealing Park Lodge, Horsden Lane South, Perivale, Middlesex, was sentenced to nine years for the rape of a 33-year-old woman in August last year.

The court heard how on the 23 August 2012 the victim, who was in London on business, had been enjoying a night out in central London before wishing to return to her hotel. After leaving a bar just off Leicester Square, she and a male companion got into a minicab driven by Ellie Feghaly. Just one in a line of minicabs waiting outside the bar.

As the victim and her friend were headed in the same direction they decided to share the cab. However it soon became apparent to them, Feghaly did not know where he was going and was becoming increasingly aggressive towards them.

It was at this point, Feghaly suggested to them that the male occupant get out of the car at a Texaco petrol station in Shadwell, east London and ask for directions. Once the man got out of the car, Feghaly seized the opportunity to drive off with the victim, locking all of the doors to preventing her escaping. He drove to a car park a short distance away and raped the victim on the backseat.


Now lets remind ourselves, how easy it is for the predators, as enforcement from LTPH and the MPS Safer Travel command unit is woefully inadequate.


Anonymous said...

Transport Commsioner For London stated that lines of cars waiting outside a venue before being booked is acceptable.

Over to you for a comment Sir Peter?

Anonymous said...

Sad images
Sad situation
I hope TfL,are hanging their heads in shame

Nothing will be down

Until its one of their daughters, wives, sisters.

Veritas said...

I have had some people saying 'why are people digging out TfL on this, they are the perpetrators'

Well it's they who have both the responsibility and duty to ensure that illegal plying for hire is stamped out so that the scenes of these crimes don't exist.

When people over many years (including senior police officers) have advised them to act, they just ignore it all to appease various commercial interests..

Yet again another ruined life whose attack was easily preventable, indeed as someone has posted 'TfL hang you head in shame'.

This is a national scandal now!

Jason B said...

Again, tonight, lines of minicabs were allowed a free hand to cherry pick work at clubs and bars

And 3 young lives (per day on average) will have been shattered,

LTPH could have prevented this

But they didn't

Anonymous said...

You fail to realise that with their limited resources TFL are stretched to their limits ensuring that a tiny proportion of licenced and police checked yellow badges don't chance upon, sympathize and with no other intention than assisting vunerable members of the public to get home safely, pick them up.
No one is argueing that this is not wrong.
No one is suggesting this should be tollerated in an ideal world.
But the most challenged observer can see that these drivers, as wrong as they are, present nothing like the threat of these unlicensed sexual preditors to the innocent travelling public.

What about the finances wasted on reissuing already over expensive identifiers.
Why did they need badge numbers?

Or the rediculous forums and questionares on issues they have already privately decided the outcome of?

When will they get some perspective and inject these resources into the persuit of these preditors and make the streets safer for everyone and then persue the lesser dangerous criminals.

There will never be enough Taxis alone for the travelling public, the knowledge is too specialised, so cleaning up and improving awareness of the boundaries of the publics legal alternative is imperitive!!