Monday, May 06, 2013

TfLs Poor Performance...the Jim Thomas

Notice to take down misleading blog.
A few months ago I received an email from The Revenue Prosecution department at Windsor House who were purporting to act for TfL over the publication of what they claimed was a misleading article on the blog Taxi Leaks. The email stated we (The blog editorial staff) would also receive a letter, which eventually turned up weeks later, after being posted to the wrong address. Read letter: click here

The examples the email gave of misleading statements were:
"Just another story in a long line of allegations of corruption, fraud and malfeasance abounding the corridors of Palestra and Windsor House”.
This statement is supported by the publication of photographs of three senior TfL officers.

There have been allegations of corruption as PH test roundels were issued to cars that had not been inspected and passed fit for service, as required under the Private Hire Act 1998. We also understand that two officials from SGS have been arrested in connection with this matter. We have asked for all vehicles, that were dealt with by the two officials, to be re-inspected to protect public safety. LTPH hasn't commented on this request. 

After months of trying to uncover the truth of what actually happened at Palestra, we were told in an email by the director of LTPH that "there had been no arrest of any individual at Palestra" (we have that email)
This statement turned out to be false as an email had already been sent to the RMT stating that a member of staff from Palestra had been arrested and was subject to legal proceedings

We now know that this case went to court and ex- member of Masons Staff, Brazilian national Marcos Gurgel was found guilty of fraudulently obtaining £249 from Taxi Driver Stanley Marut.

So, as this case involved a number of drivers and was drawn out until Mr Marut finally made a complaint direct to TfLs fraud department....and as both these incidents involved corruption and fraud, we feel this part of our original statement is accurate. The malfeasance we have already dealt with in a previous post click here 

The three photographs publish were an accurate representation of the three senior members of TfL/LTPH, applicable to the Taxi Trade to which this article was originally targeted.
Commissioner Peter Hendy, Managing Director Leon Daniels and Director John Mason.

Next we were again accused of misleading our readers with the statement:
Cloned Bills and IDs thought to have originated from Palestra” and “The awarding of the licensing contract to a company who's wardens refuse to enforce traffic restrictions against Private Hire drivers in Central London”.
Mason told his legal departmen "These allegations are wholly unfounded, inappropriate and denied by our client."

We understand that it is a matter of record that some time ago, the RMT voiced concerned that the cloned bills were so good, they may have originated from Palestra as blanks. We also understand that John Mason wrote to the RMT over their concern on this issue. It was only after an audit of stock that none were found to be missing although according to a message from Deputy Director Helen Chapman, "had a bit of a moment a couple of weeks ago when we thought some new ones had gone missing but all is in order and accounted for".

We did not make the statement that the cloned bills had definitly originated from Palestra, we stated "Cloned Bills and IDs thought to have originated from Palestra" and although John Mason may have felt mislead by this statement, we feel the man on the Clapham Omnibus would not be mislead.

The last part of the accusation referring to
“The awarding of the licensing contract to a company who's wardens refuse to enforce traffic restrictions against Private Hire drivers in Central London” we have dealt with in the post
A Dear John Letter, Bullet Point no8 click here

So there you have it:
We feel that this demand from the director of LTPH was in itself unfair and a true example of harassment over a post that showed just how poor LTPH have performed under his administration.

We of course give John Mason the opportunity to respond to this post and will publish in full any statement (unedited) that he wishes to make.

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'Sling it Long' Sam said...

Well Mr Mason, you have the floor!

Lets have your rebuttal point by point on the matters raised.

You are in the 'Court of Public Opinion' if of course you don't feel able to respond on here,

I am sure Petrie Hosking will have you back on LBC. We all enjoyed that!

Gerald C said...

What can he say?
He's got to move on now and get on with his new job.
Private hire have got rid of him even though he was tearing the taxi trade apart.
Chapman has stayed behind to try to sort out the mess before she moves on with him too.

Can't come soon enough
Lets hope they go back to a proper director and no more Laurel and Hardy teams of good cop bad cop

Anonymous said...

This trade needs someone with an enforcement background
What's Semtex doing now.

Anonymous said...

There is plenty of excellent candidates, 24,000 actually.
Any taxi driver could walk straight into Masons office and perform better than he did.
Unfortunately he could never do our job without 40 months of intense training.

Another Pilgrim said...
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Another Pilgrim said...

Probably orders from above, after complaints from senior stakeholders such as PH main high-rollers.
"Is this correct John? if not why haven't you got it removed?
Who is the author? why are you scared of him? shut him down before he starts rocking our boat"

Keep up the good work buddy, shame the ones who are getting paid to do this have sold their soul for 30 pieces of silver and a seat at the table?.

Please replace previous comment

Diana Ross said...



Anonymous said...

What's a matter John
Cat got your legal department
The silence is deafening