Sunday, May 05, 2013

Shape Of Things To Come, As London Licensed Minicab Spotted Working In Manchester

Below, is a post taken from the Manchester Taxi Drivers here

Unbelievable, but, true. A London PH car working up here in Manchester. It works on New City, Withington, a particularly down market outfit. They have Gedling, West Lindley, Cheshire and Rossendale vehicles working for them as well.

The questions must be asked, why would a licensed London private hire vehicle travel 200 miles to work for a cowboy outfit ?
1. Is the car cloned ?
2. Is the driver on the run from something in London ?

Whatever, this is taking the proverbial big time.

How many sex attacks will it take in Manchester, before somebody stops the scum of the country, descending on our City, because they know they can do what ever they like.


Nothing to do with us you may think...Well think again.

The Vauxhall Vector NU57WZP snapped in Manchester with local PH door stickers is definitely registered as a London Private Hire Vehicle: License no 8720001. The LTPH roundel can also be plainly seen.

There are a few different scenarios here;
1. More than likely not a cloned car, as that wouldn't explain the LTPH roundels in the windows

2. The driver could be visiting relatives and as he works as a minicab in London, may have been asked to help out.

3. The owner could have lent the car to a local minicab friend who was desperate after his car broke down.

All quite illegal, but more chance of winning the lottery than getting caught.

The last scenario is the most serious;
4. Has this driver been involved in some type of crime in London and is on the run from the Met?
Why would a London minicab driver be prepared to drive 200 miles just to work.

If the Law Commission drops the laws on cross boarder hirings, London will be swamped with minicabs licensed in rural places, who will flock to the brighter lights of London, to work for a new mass invasion of satellite offices which will flood the place.


Veritas said...

Well folks, just wait until 'National Standards for PH' are introduced.

There will be thousands and thousands of out of town minicabs illegally ranking outside every club and bar, we won't get a look in, indeed the only work we are likely to get if this happens is from our relatives!

Yet Still the UTG (who cannot be blind to all this) refuse to hold TfL to account on the unlawful activity and the scourge of satellite offices.


Is it because they are gagged by the engagement policy that any organisation should reject out of hand as unwarranted censorship?

Is it because someone is well paid to attend the TfL board and ensures the taxi trade is 'kept in line' ?

Is it because others wish to follow that person onto the TfL board and place their own members interests a very poor second?

Is it because they attend meetings that others are excluded from (pathetic isnt it?) rather than join with ALL in the trade to question TFl an the Mayor to shame them into action?

Of course these are questions for them to answer.These people seem to achieve nothing of substance as any patrol of the city streets wil show.

As for the matters in Manchester, we are already losing the war against this tidal wave of criminality and lack of any genuine will on the part of the authorities to act.

When National PH standards (we all know how rigorous they will be) arrive, it will be game over.

Unless of course we truly come together to fight back, so next time anyone attends a LTDA/LCDC/UNITE meeting, your duty to you and your families future is to demand to know:

Why? Why? Why?

If you get an answer let us know

These issues are too important to let trivial cab politics to intervene. DIVIDED WE FALL, (you know the first part).

B said...

WTF has a scab working in Manchester got to do with our problems down here. The more that feck off up there the better fir us

Anonymous said...

Talk on twitter that this vehicle is a replacement given free for no fault accident repair work.

Anonymous said...

ndoluatgFirstly look in the last two issues of Private Hire and Courier and you will see this issue covered in the GMB column.

Secondly assume that this is the tip of the iceberg as many are hiring these vehicles and working in the high class ones near Harrods and Edgware Road. This also saves tem the congestion charge (Fraud in itself)

Thirdly bring this up at the next TFL forum

finally it's our own fault over the minicabs as our antagonism has made them look in the right with TPH!

Catherine said...

Finally, why did this London PH car entered Manchester?

Ethan Marcotte said...

But how do you say it's working up in Manchester? What's the exact reason for this London PH car to enter Manchester..