Friday, May 24, 2013

RMT Call For Action Over Taxi Age Limit.

After the release of the damning Defra report confirming the failed Emissions strategies of Mayor Boris Johnson, drivers who have had their livelihood taken away by the removal of perfectly good vehicles under the Taxi Age Limit program, have called for action.
The RMT have requested that interested parties (Owner drivers, Fleet owners etc.) should contact them and register now.

As this Mayoral edict has thrown many drivers into financial hardship, the RMT are calling for an immediate suspension of the 15 year Age a limit, which has been proven beyond any doubt to have no effect on cleaning up the poor air quality of Central London. 

The RMT have also requested the Mayor (and others) be called in to face a Parliamentary Transport Committee, to account for their actions in regards to this issue.   


Anonymous said...

ssesRas andIt will take a strong union like the RMT to lead the way on this issue. I don't really see how the UTG can avoid being involved. This issue is end game for TfL and Mason's shenanigans, its time to pay the ferryman!!!

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many cab drivers who suffered hardship during the steering box recall last year are reading this article and not realising it was the Taxi Age Limit and the unnecessary scrapping of older cabs that made it virtually impossible for them to rent a cab. You could possibly have a class action claim against TfL!

cabrider44 said...

well,well seems like boris just cant stop spending other peoples money,perhaps one day that smerk on his face will bight him back,wonder how much bonus he gets,or is it golden hand shakes from his cronies

Anonymous said...

Cab rider,

These people profit after they stand down from office.

Tony Blair (middle east peace envoy!!!!!!) that committed socialist and campaigner for justice earns millions from banks etc.

Me I would rather have Nigel Farage and Bob Crow, at least you know what your getting.

Clegg, Camreon and their cronies are despicable two faced toads.

Clegg (let's put aside the student loans lie) promised the Army Families in the Deepcut 'suicides' a public enquiry if he ever gained office , guess what not a murmur since.

Baking Trays, Wisteria, what a shower of shit!l

Third Floor said...

Looks like Mason has no stomach for posting a comment. I doubt very much if he will be able to hold down prison food!!!

Perry Mason said...

Are the UTG, Peter DeCosta, Malcolm Pace and all the others at the last supper signing culpable ?

There actions caused hardship to many drivers caught in the steering box recall issue.

Will they have to face compensation charges like Boris?

Boris Gump said...

It's interesting that the infamous signing should be described as 'The Last Supper'. Jesus Christ was betrayed by Judas and crucified; the cab in comparison was betrayed and crucified by the greed and hidden agenda of Peter DaCosta, Tim Yeo and Eco City Vehicles. Consequently it has been proved there is nothing eco about their concept vehicle at all. In fact it fails consistently to meet the required CoF!

Anonymous said...

Yes put those wrecks on the road more business for Pirate hire.

Addison Lee are laughing in their boots at us.

We should be looking to charge more and put higher quality Cabs on the road.

The 10 Year limit for private hie is apparently going to be dropped to 8 years at the Operators request.

Older Cabs is a loaded gun that Private Hire will fire at us.