Sunday, May 19, 2013

Open Letter To The Current LTPH Directorate.

Time To Get THEIR Act Together.

After the recent debacle of the Taxi Drivers Forum at Palestra, it is our belief that better training of all officers and staff at LTPH would be highly beneficial to both Taxis and Private Hire.

I have just been informed of a perfect opportunity for the directorate to brush up on its knowledge of the acts and case law governing Hackney carriage and Private Hire licensing in London, a one day seminar being undertaken in July by Taxi law expert and Derbyshire solicitor Mr James Button. 

If you remember, he wrote the massive book that staff of LTPH would always refer to when faced with difficult questions about illegal plying for hire. His book was often referred to with greater authority than the Hackney carriage and London cab acts themselves, until finally he had to make a statement which showed LTPH had been misinterpreting his work on the subject.

Below are the details of the course:

A One Day Course on 15th July 2013 at Agricultural Business Centre, Bakewell, Derbyshire.
Facilitated by: James Button BA., Solicitor, CIoL, MCIArb - Principal,

Taxi (Hackney Carriage and Private Hire) Licensing is one of the biggest and most contentious areas of Licensing. This introductory course provides an outline of the role and functions of the committee, and looks in detail at the law and practice of taxi licensing.
Taking into account recent case law, including the Singh case on immediate suspensions, it provides practical advice, making it ideal for the newcomer or as a refresher for those more experienced.

Session 1—. Taxi Licensing within a Local Authority
  • The role of the Licensing Committee.
  • Status as an administrative body.
  • Fair decision making.
  • Procedures.
  • Human Rights Act 1998.
  • Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.
  • DBS Disclosures
  • Appeals against Committee Decisions
Course Outline

Session 3 – Hackney Carriages and private hire Hackney Carriage Drivers
Criteria for Grant
Conditions & Byelaws
Suspension & Revocation
Private Hire Operators
Provision For Booking’s Vehicles and Drivers
Exempted Hiring's
Courtesy cars Suspension & Revocation

Session 2 – Hackney Carriages
  • Hackney Carriage basics
  • Private Hire basics
  • Fees
  • Hackney Carriage Vehicles
    • ∗  Numbers Of Hackney Carriage
    • ∗  Plying for Hire
    • ∗  Ranks
    • ∗  Fares

Session 4 – Private Hire
  • Private Hire Vehicles Conditions
    Stretched Limousines
    Roof Signs
    Suspension & Revocation
  • Private Hire Drivers
    Suspension & Revocation

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Anonymous said...

A little knowledge is a dangerousness thing
And most of the staff at LTPH have very little knowledge