Saturday, May 11, 2013

Not Fit as Taxis but OK for TfL Contractor to Ferry Their Staff AroundLondon...By SuperCabby

Recently most of the beloved Fairway London Taxis that have plyed for hire on the streets of London from the original FX4 to the last Fairway in 1997 have been slowly disappearing from our streets due to the Mayor of London’s Air Quality Strategy where he introduced an age limit for Taxis on the basis that older vehicles were polluting London. 
So we find it quite amazing that one of TfL’s contractors are continuing to use these “unfit” Taxis to ferry their staff around London, yes the same taxis that the Mayor of London states are no longer fit to be used as Licensed London Taxis.

The company in question is Arriva who operate bus services on behalf of TfL, they have been using old taxis to ferry bus drivers and staff around for a number of years but did not advertise the fact that they operated the taxis as they were kept just plain black with no advertising or company name on them.

Recently Arriva have come out of the closet and seem to be proud of the fact that they are using ex London Taxis that were taken off the road for being too polluting by re-painting them Red and adding their name to the front doors of the Taxis

As you can see the Taxis are extremely bold and Arriva have stuck a rather large logo on the front doors of the Taxis which makes them stand out.
Effectively these Taxis are being used to transport staff around who are working on behalf of TfL by one of their contractors, taxis that we were told we are no longer allowed to use, taxis that Arriva purchased at knocked down prices due to the Mayor;s air Quality strategy making them of no use in London therefore decreasing their value.
Most of the Taxi’s are in very bad condition with dents all over them, no wheel trims and bumper end caps missing as the above pictures can confirm.

So how can it be right that Taxis that we have been told are no longer fit to be licensed due to their age and pollution figures can now be used to transport staff around who are working on behalf of TfL albeit for one of their contractors and the contractor seems to be quite blasé about the whole thing and this is all happening right under TfLs noses?
Just seems to be a case of don’t do as I do, but merely do as you are told on the part of TfL.
And it appears that London is not the only area that Arriva are using Taxis that no longer meet licensing requirements to transport staff around!


Dizzy said...

Top marks for exposing another scandal from these shysters Jim and Jamie.

This is just another example of the agenda against the world's best taxi drivers to hammer us into oblivion.

If this trade doesn't stand together soon it will be too late. And I'm not talking about the leaders of the so called established trade orgs, I'm talking about the drivers who have for years paid their subs in the belief that their best interests are being protected.

Quite simply they ain't!

Time to wake up folks.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Rmt member cab driver I put this to the members if Tfl phi want pay us like the dockers print Smithfield porters billingate porters would you take it and give your
Badge up
Think about it

Useless Trade Group said...

If you wondering what that smell was, it's the stench of hypocrisy that goes right back to Windsor House and Peter Hendy's desk.

We all now expect the TfL board member for Taxi's to berate Hendy over this, you can bet he don't!

note for Information: Peter Hendy became a millionaire when bus services were privatised.


w14taxi said...

TfL pour money into the buses, 600 new Boris buses on order, funded directly by TfL, on the say so of the bus millionaire Hendy. He swerved TfL's budget towards his vanity projects to save his privatised company money, corruption at it's finest. Olympic bonuses for emptying London while restaurants, theatres, hotels,tourist attractions and taxi drivers took a hit for 6 weeks in summer 2012.
A public enquiry is needed, oo. maybe he'll hightail it off to Israel with his loot like Dame Shirley Porter....when the people wise up

M4 Mick said...

I think Alan F should donate his Metro to Peter Hendy as his personal limo.

tired out and due for the Knackers Yard