Monday, May 13, 2013

Made In Chelsea star Rosie Fortescue misses Bafta night after ‘minicabdriver falls asleep at wheel and crashes into four cars’

Made In Chelsea’s Sunday night Bafta victory was bittersweet as one of the show’s stars was unable to attend after being involved in a horrific car crash.
Fashion blogger Rosie Fortescue has been resting and recovering at home after suffering severe whiplash and heavy bruising after a routine minicab ride turned into a near death experience.
The 23-year-old reality television star was left shocked and scared after her minicab driver reportedly fell asleep at the wheel and ploughed into four cars.
A representative for Rosie told MailOnline: ‘She has whip lash from the impact, but is now recovering at home.’
Rosie had been out on Friday night partying with friends in central London and decided to get a pre-booked minicab home.
The car was travelling down the Fulham Road back to her Chelsea home in the early hours of the morning when the accident happened.
While speaking on her mobile phone to her twin sister Lily at around 6am, Rosie realised there was something not right as her cab began to veer dangerously close to other vehicles.
A source close to Fortesque told MailOnline: ‘The driver fell asleep at the wheel and veered into four cars outside Maggie’s nightclub.
‘Rosie was encouraged to wait for police by onlookers, but hopped into a black cab and continued home.’
Although extremely terrified and shocked by what had occurred, she was able to call back her sister and explained why she had abruptly ended their conversation. Putting their differences aside: Louise and Lucy posed together despite their turbulent relationship in the show
Putting their differences aside: Louise Thompson and Lucy Watson posed together despite their turbulent relationship in the show
The source added: ‘She was on the phone to her sister Lily at the time who naturally was massively upset by the whole incident.’
Rosie has since been in contact with the minicab company who are processing the complaint but nothing has yet come of it.
The source told MailOnline: ‘Rosie is currently looking at legal options.’
After gathering her composure following the crash she said on Twitter ‘Never use Express Way cars if you don’t want your minicab driver to fall asleep at the wheel. F***ing offensive!’
A source close to the cab company told MailOnline: ‘The driver in question has since been sacked. He was self-employed, and no longer works there.’


RIp Van Mason said...

Another one of Hendy's Finest!

Anonymous said...

You get what you pay for.

cabrider44 said...

feel sorry for Rosie wish her a speedy recovery,needless to say she had the choice to hale or phone a black cab,but always people think there getting a cheaper ride by using a scab,another person has found out the hard way,a long time ago a friend got touted by scab from the west end,to take him home to Essex,he lost a leg,the driver also fell a sleep

Anonymous said...

Hang on now, I don't believe any of you have a clue what your talking about. THIS GIRL IS SO BORING SHE CURED MY INSOMNIA WEEKS AGO!!!!

I was LUCKY to be on my sofa when she started whittering on, on the telly, and put me to sleep but I would have fared no differently had she been in my cab!!!

The. Police should check to see if this 'accident' wasn't attempted suicide.


She certainly is....