Thursday, May 23, 2013

Breaking News: Ranks Suspension Lifted.


We have been informed by our roving reporter, that a representative from the RMT has met with the management of the Churchill hotel. The representative explained that the rank in question is authorised by LTPH and as such, Westminster do not have the right to revoke for special or private events. 

It was then explained about the high feeling felt by the Taxi trade in losing working ranks. plus a brief description of the action taken at the Hilton recently by a flash mob from the RMT and UCG.

The Management stated they were not in favour of the suspension and would be contacting Martin Lowe personally to remove the signage as soon as possible.

It now appears that Mr Lowe gave his permission for the ranks to be suspended without consulting LTPH first. LTPH say they had no prior knowledge of the suspension. Mr Lowe has been in his job long enough and truly knows the procedure that should have been followed, but clearly has no faith or respect in the licensing authority. 

But can you blame him?
Does anyone take the people that run LTPH seriously anymore?
We have without doubt the worst licensing authority in the country where local councils and private hire do what ever they please. 

Just the threat of another demo like the one at the Hilton was enough to swing opinion. 
Well done also to the RMT who have been working on this project since Tuesday night.

It seems a precedent has been set of giving over our working ranks to commercial events and we can expect to see this happening more frequently in the near future.  
If the trade sits back and does will get what it deserves. 


Again, Regent Street will be closed to traffic from Saturday 25 May while round-the-clock repairs are made to a collapsed sewer and a leaking water main. 


On Monday 27th May at 3pm, there is likely to be a march in Whitehall by the EDL. A proportionate policing plan is in place. please be vigilant.


cabrider44 said...

well done,RMT you seem to be the only one`s that fight for the cab trade,while the rest are shamed,if we had you in our corner to start with,we would not be in this state,i might not agree with every thing you do (and thats not much)well done bruv

Vaclav Haldady said...

we need to wake up to this guys nd girls!

Once 'precedent's et for these things to happen we will have liveried PH and others using OUR workplace and EXCLUDING us.

TfL need to issue a notice to whoever that Taxi Ranks will only be suspended to facilitate essential road works and wherever possible alternative provision provided to ensure driver can continue to earn their living.

Dear TfL, Martin Low of Westminster and anyone else:

'Taxi Rank' the clue to its use is in the title!


Anonymous said...

There are reports of frustrated drivers removing suspension signs on ranks, whilst we share their frustration that the joint ranks committee are not pro active and TFL seemingly failing the trade

We must be careful not to be portrayed as acting in a lawless manner!

if a sign has been put up that needs taking down leave it to those responsible.

Anonymous said...

A comment section that only allows comments that support your views is very very sad

Editorial said...

Yes I know, Myself and others from this blog have tried to post many times on the LCDC blog but they won't publish anything that criticises their views.

I can understand not allowing unsubstantiated attacks or profanity, that's reasonable, as we have that policy.