Sunday, May 26, 2013

19-year-old raped after getting in a car outside a night club

Police officers will be on patrol in Windsor tonight after sexual attack on teenager

A TEENAGER was raped in the early hours of this morning in Windsor after a night out.

The 19-year-old left Liquid nightclub, in William Street, just before 3am this morning, to search for a taxi when she was approached by two men in Victoria Street claiming they were driving a taxi.

The victim got into the car in Alexandra Road and when it set off, she was sexually assaulted inside the vehicle.

She managed to escape when the car stopped and ran off.

Police are investigating the report.

Detective Inspector Andy Howard said: "We are in the early stages of this investigation, but I want to assure the public that everything is being done to locate and arrest these offenders.

"Officers will be out on patrol in the centre of Windsor tonight and I urge anyone with any concerns to approach one of our officers."

The two men are described as Asian while the car was a large, black, cab-style vehicle with five seats.

Dep Insp Howard also warned people in the wake of the attack to only use licensed taxis.

He added: "I also want to take this opportunity to urge people to only use licensed taxis. Where possible, book with a licensed taxi company in advance or if that is not possible, remember you can always ask for proof that a vehicle or driver is licensed.

"A licensed vehicle will display a licence plate on the rear of the vehicle and an internal licence plate with the licensing authority. A licensed driver will carry an identity badge with their licence number and licensing authority on it.

"I would urge people not to get into any vehicles that are touted to them and only to use a pre booked taxi or one from a taxi rank.

Anyone with any information about the incident are urged to contact PC Vickie-Jean Duffty on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111

Source: The Royal Borough Observer.

This type of incident is far too common and is a direct result of the police and licensing authorities turning a blind eye to the lines of cars that illegally ply for hire outside night clubs, not just in London, but all over the country. 

In this particular incident the police added insult to injury by claiming that this type of attack is extremely rare, but as we know from the Met Police's own report (25 attacks per week in central London), it's an all too common occurrence on the streets of the capital. 

The best way to help prevent these attacks is to enforce the Hackney Carriage Act of1854, which clearly state it is illegal to act as a Hackney Carriage without the correct licenses. Both driver and vehicle must be licensed by the licensing authority. Only licensed hackney carriage vehicles can stand (rank) or ply for hire and be hailed, unbooked cars waiting to become hired are illegally acting as hackney carriages. 

Remove the lines of unbooked cars from outside the exits of night venues and stop the sexual assaults and rapes. YES, IT'S THAT SIMPLE. 


Anonymous said...

As long as the streets are cleared, no one in authority gives a fig.

Dart ford Bob said...

Yes sad but true, as long as they can disguise the statistics the all is well.

We live in a world where the authorities just spin and deceive.

Anonymous said...

Thank god she got away the problem is they probably were licensed PH drivers as any one can get one we need to teach young people to use only prebooked cars or taxis (but even that's not safe all the time we all remember warboys)