Thursday, April 04, 2013

TfL plans for major expansion of speed camera enforcement

Transport for London is preparing for a major expansion of speed and red light camera coverage on the capital’s roads, including the possible installation of average speed cameras on four busy radial roads.

The proposals would see camera coverage increase from 250 miles of road to about 470.

London currently has about 900 digital and wet film cameras (speed and red light) but the vast majority – 711 – are wet film, which TfL says will be obsolete by 2015.

It is planning a “three-pronged” investment programme:

a two-year replacement of wet film cameras with digital

the installation of additional cameras on the Transport for London road network (TLRN)

the installation of additional cameras on borough roads

Explaining the investment, Leon Daniels, TfL’s managing director of surface transport, said: “TfL analysis of casualties over a three-year period before and after the installation of speed cameras shows that KSIs fell by an average of more than 50% at the locations where safety cameras were introduced.” These are raw data that do not take into account the influence of factors such as regression to the mean or trend.

Discussing the plans for the existing 711 wet film cameras, Daniels said officials had looked at the effectiveness of each camera using “similar KSI criteria” to those recommended by the DfT’s original 2002 guidelines on camera installation. For speed cameras, these stated that there had to have been four or more KSIs in a three-year period, of which two were the result of speeding.

“The analysis undertaken showed that 629 camera locations had demonstrated a reduction in KSI collisions… It is proposed that at all these sites the existing wet film cameras should be replaced with digital cameras,” he said. The remaining 82 wet film cameras had been installed where there was no record of KSIs before installation. These will not be replaced.

The new digital red light cameras will also be capable of enforcing speed limits during the green phase of traffic lights.

Daniels said average speed cameras were warranted on four roads on which 35 wet film speed cameras currently operate. These are the A40 in west London; the A2 through south-east London; the north-west section of the A406 north circular road; and the A316 that connects the M3 into Hammersmith through south-west London.

He said experience showed that average speed cameras delivered greater safety benefits than fixed spot cameras. TfL installed average speed cameras on the A13 in East London in 2010, replacing wet film cameras. Daniels said an 18-month before and after study found that total KSIs reduced by ten, or 58%, from 17 to seven.

A TfL spokesman this week emphasised that no final decision had been made to definitely install average speed cameras.

Daniels also outlined the plans for the other two parts of TfL’s safety camera programme.

He said there were 73 roads on the TLRN where casualty history would warrant the installation of cameras. “The casualty reduction performance of existing safety cameras suggests that installing cameras at these new locations could potentially prevent 72 KSIs from occurring each year.” Meanwhile, red light cameras were justified at 48 TLRN junctions.

On borough roads, Daniels said analysis suggested that 88 roads and 82 junctions would warrant cameras and that these could prevent 98 KSIs a year.

TfL is to issue guidance to boroughs on applying for camera funding in the Local Implementation Plan spending guidance to be published in May.

Three ten-year contracts will be awarded for the installation and maintenance of the cameras, with the possibility of extending the contracts to 20 years. The contracts will cover: spot speed; red light; and average speed cameras.

Source: TransportXtra


Anonymous said...

tfl and the local councils can not legally fine you for any offence that carries points on your licence that is a matter for the police only, that includes stopping on zig zags.

Anonymous said...

Follow the ££££££

Remember TfL overspent big time on the Olympics

Taxi Leaks said...

Anonymous 10:01
That being the case, we haven't managed to find one successful appeal, using this defence. If you have a link to case any please share with us.

Anonymous said...

Gov, legislation states clearly

Zig-zags associated with zebra and pelican crossings require no signs or a traffic order but they do need to be advertised before they are implemented.

They are governed by the regulations and can be enforced by the police or local authority, with 3 points awarded if you are ticketed by the former.

I'm Spartacus said...

I think what you will find is that TfL are part of what are called 'Safety Camera Partnerships' with the Police and the Councils.

TfL are stumping up the money (our money) to fund the cameras, its the Old Bill that do the nicking.

A while back the council and Old Billkept the money thats why there were vans hiding in every nook and cranny and motorway bridge.

That happens rarely as the money now just goes to the court, but of course they keep asking you to believe its not about income.

We are all in favour of stopping dangerous driving, so put more traffic Police on, not camera cash cows!

Just put Revenue Driven Enforcement into any search engine.

TfL also want some powers to do this in their Law Commission response.

The muppets think that will mean TfL ticketing PH and touts, that may possibly happen though as ever what WILL happen is that TfL will be out pouncing on any cab overanking by 1 Cm. or not having displaying ID etc. or failing to comply with TfL's soon to be issued code of conduct.

They always go for the easy target,that's us law abiding folk.


Of course TfL's spin machine will dress it up as vital public safety, we are all aware of their record in this regard outside every club and bar!

Anonymous said...

Taxi leaks. I am lead to believe that when councils were given permission to fine individuals for traffic violations,it was for non endorsable offences only.

Anonymous said...

Read the post above anon. It's the Police that send out the tickets for speed cameras!

Bandits at 3 o'Clock said...

Forget this, put cameras inside Palestra so we can see what Leon Daniels and the rest of the TfL shysters are up to