Wednesday, April 24, 2013

TfL boss claimed £180 on expenses to buy toy buses for Boris

Corgi produce the die cast models under licence from TfL. Image: Corgi
London’s transport commissioner has claimed almost £180 on expenses to buy toy buses for Mayor Boris Johnson.

In January MayorWatch reported that senior Transport for London executives had charged taxpayers thousands of pounds for taxis, magazine subscriptions, meals and internet use.
The single largest claimer of expenses was TfL Commissioner Sir Peter Hendy whose claims included more than £2,500 on taxis and travelling costs.

New figures covering claims made between 15th September and 31st December 2012 show that Sir Peter claimed a further £800 on taxis during the closing months of the year.
TfL repeated its defence of Sir Peter’s taxis use, stating: “He is overseeing the delivery of a ten-year multi-billion pound budget to manage transport in London, and also deliver Crossrail and the upgrade of the Tube and there are occasions when his full schedule and late hours necessitate the use of taxis (which, of course, TfL licenses).”

Sir Peter’s expenses also include £179.70 for “Die Cast Models of NBfL for the Mayor”.
NBfL is TfL’s in-house abbreviation for the New Bus for London, the Mayor’s new bus which is due to enter regular service later this year.

According to a press release issued in October by die cast toy specialists Corgi, the company “has the exclusive rights from Transport for London to produce this bus in die-cast.”
The statement suggests fare-payers have picked up the tab for making the Mayor a gift of toys licensed by his own organisation, rather than the licensee providing them at no cost.
The toy buses do not appear to be listed in the Mayor’s public register of gifts and hospitality.
Answering an FOI from this site, TfL declined to provide details of expenses claimed after January 1st 2013. However these figures are due to be published online “within the next 4-6 weeks”.

Commenting on the latest expenses claims, Green party London Assembly Member Darren Johnson said:
“Not only are Londoners paying massively over the odds for the New Bus for London, they are also being asked to pay massively over the odds for toy buses for Boris Johnson. An unbelievable waste of public money.”



Anonymous said...

Surely if your buying a friend a gift, it should come out of your pocket and not the tax payers.
It's not as if Hendy cany afford it.
What's he saving up for his retirement? I do hope so!

Anonymous said...
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Bonfire of the Vanities said...

Lets clear the manure from the stables and here's how|

Abolish TfL, it's just a leech. It does not run one bus or tube and don't even go there about the cab trade.

London Transport is reformed and absorbs London Underground and manages the Buses. of version by the transport committee of the GLA.

Red routes, congestion charge again managed by the GLA along with representatives from the councils agin they can also appoint and fund Taxi Ranks.

We are licences by either the Met or BTP.

This would save billions and the ordinary Londoner would not notice a thing, away with the TfL Board, Palestar and all the jumped up clerks and no marks the whole empire has created.the good honest folks working at the coal face at TfL will be absorbed into LT etc.

Austerity? Not at TfL, that's just for us.

Sniffin Sid said...

£180 for toy buses?

I'm in the wrong game, I'm off to be a toy bus dealer.

"Ere bro got some wicked red innit. Stick dat up yer snozzle!"