Monday, April 01, 2013

It's A Funny Old Game, Jim Thomas

London Cabby Jim Walker has recently launched his new board game based on London's most iconic land mark, Tower Bridge. But Jim is not the only Taxi driver to have success in the board game field.

Other games invented by Taxi drivers appeared in the 60's and 70's. These were based on driving a Taxicab round the streets of London. The first used the Monopoly style format and the second had a proper map of central London.

I remember being bought the second version in the mid 70's, which depended mainly on luck rather than knowledge skills. Friends and family loved the thought of beating me at my own game.

60's style Taxi Board Game.

70's Style Taxi Game

A new Taxi board game which was rejected by Dragon's Den made Wales its next destination

In 2003, Portsmouth Taxi driver Rachel Lowe told the judges on Dragon's Den that her new board game based on driving a Taxi could outsell Monopoly, they laughed her off the show.

Then in 2004 she proved them wrong as "Destination" trounced the traditional property game when it was launched at Hamleys, becoming their number one best-selling game that Christmas.

In 2006 the 29-year-old entrepreneur launched a Cardiff version of the game which casts players as taxi drivers who must collect fares from landmarks like the Millennium Stadium, the New Theatre and the Hilton.

When asked what she thought of her treatment on the Dragons Den she said, "It taught me not to give up and not to take no for an answer.

Latest Taxi Game to hit the market is the Tuk Tuk Taxi game.
Taxis from around the world do battle on the streets of different cities. London Taxi's, Checker Cabs and Tuk Tuks.

I suppose it's just a matter of time before someone comes up with RICKSHAW RUSH HOUR.


Double Six said...

How about Toutopoly?

Players have to collect licences from TfL (Community Chest) and buy roadspace outside nightclubs.

No player ever goes to jail, there is one card in the pack of 5000 chance cards called an enforcement officer poays a visit and you have to say 'I am picking up a relative', then you can pass go.

Anonymous said...

There are already 75,000 scabs playing this game.

John Morris said...

If you look closely at the taxi on the 70's board game lid, the vehicle was based on an old friend of mine who had a yellow and black two toned FX4. We called him prunes and custard.

Anonymous said...

Jim, more posts like this please.
Sometimes the gloom and doom is too much to take mate