Sunday, March 31, 2013


London Mayor Boris Johnson has previously suggested some ‘out of the box ‘ ideas for various projects.

In 2008 the Mayors research confirmed that there were 4267 deaths in London each year caused by pollution.

Since then various strategies including the Low Emission Zone, Dust Suppressants and a Taxi Age Limit, have been tried but have failed to reduce the pollution in the capital.

The latest ‘pollution solution’ is to implement the use of pollution masks, widely seen on the streets of other heavily polluted capital cities like Beijing.

A spokesman said ‘’ Recent strategies have not been successful and the health costs caused by pollution in London are significant. If we can’t stop the pollution then the next best thing is to stop people breathing it.’’

The masks may be distributed free on buses and at tube and train stations for commuters to wear.
It may also be compulsory for transport workers, including bus and taxi drivers to wear the masks.

A spokesman for the London Campaign for Clean Air said ‘’ It is positive that all options are being considered, but we need to make sure that plenty of masks are available and also that masks are provided to the most vulnerable, like the elderly or kids going to school.’’

Cabbies Against Boris have said ‘’ London Taxi Drivers are furious at the prospect of a rule which forces them to wear these masks. Why are taxi drivers being targeted and not delivery drivers or traffic wardens?’’

Any measures which stop people breathing the toxic pollution must be a step in the right direction.

Source: with thanks to Dave Davies.


Peter Sniff said...

There's a few cab drivers needing masks, will they have a special version for those with big conks?

Ivor Biggun said...

Yes they are called tents.

Anonymous said...

if they stopped manufacturing the conditions that are causing the Pollution eg:

traffic lights, set to allow 2 vehicles through on green, whilst staying on red for ages, for non-existent pedestrians

narrowing the carriageways (instead of widening them)

making cars travel in ways that cause the maximum pollution eg
20 mph speed limits
speed humps

they would half the pollution at a stroke