Tuesday, February 05, 2013

MINICAB DRIVER JAILED FOR RAPE: One Man's Important Part Of PublicTransport Is Another Man's Rapist.

Ellie Feghaly worked as an minicab driver targeting vulnerable women by illegally plying for hire outside clubs and bars in Central London. A modus operandi that, just recently on the 08/11/2012, district Judge Fanning referred to as "an important part of Londons public transport system"..

This animal was found guilty on Monday 4 February of rape at Woolwich Crown Court following a successful investigation by officers from the Metropolitan Police Services (MPS) Sapphire Command.

Ellie Feghaly, 44 of Ealing Park Lodge, Horsden Lane South, Perivale, Middlesex, was sentenced to nine years for the rape of a 33-year-old woman in August last year.

The court heard how on the 23 August 2012 the victim, who was in London on business, had been enjoying a night out in central London before wishing to return to her hotel. After leaving a bar in Leicester Square, she and a male companion, came across a minicab driven by Ellie Feghaly.

As the victim and her friend were headed in the same direction they decided to share the cab. However it soon became apparent to them, Feghaly did not know where he was going and was becoming increasingly aggressive towards them.

It was at this point, Feghaly suggested to them that the male occupant get out of the car at a Texaco petrol station in Shadwell, east London and ask for directions. Once the man got out of the car, Feghaly seized the opportunity to drive off with the victim, locking all of the doors and preventing her escape. He drove to a car park a short distance away and raped the victim on the backseat.

Following the assault, the victim managed to escape from the car and attracted the attention of a passer-by.

Her friend meanwhile had been attempting to call her and came to her aid. The following morning she reported the rape to police.

The victim was medically and forensically examined at the Haven in Camberwell and a DNA profile of the attacker was obtained.

On the 27 August 2012 the suspect was identified as Ellie Feghaly through a match on the National DNA database. He was arrested on 26 August 2012 at 9pm and subsequently charged.

Feghaly pleaded not guilty to the offence but the jury refused to believe him and returned a guilty verdict.

Detective Constable Peter Thompson from the MPS Sapphire Command based at Lewisham said: "This man used violence in order to carry out this attack. He was operating as an unlicensed mini-cab driver in Central London. The victim had trusted that she would get to her destination safely. However this sexual predator subjected her to this horrific attack despite her pleas for him to stop. I hope that the sentence handed down by the Judge goes someway in helping the victim recover from this ordeal."

Detective Chief Inspector Pete Thomas of MPS Sapphire Command said: "Feghaly worked as an unlicensed cab driver to target vulnerable women. The victim has shown great courage throughout this ordeal and as a result Feghaly has been taken off the streets. It is possible there are other victims out there and I would urge them to come forward. I hope this will encourage those who have been victims to come forward and tell us what has happened to them."

How many more lives will be shattered, how many more families have to suffer this unbearable pain, before something is finally done about these predators, who wait outside night venues for victims.
Their prey easier to find, now that Westminster's parking agents NSL refuse to ticket or move on touts at Swallow Street and Regent Street.

It's not only unlicensed minicabs that commit rape and sexual assault, as TfL figures show, licensed private hire drivers are also committing this heinous crime.

The Met and City Police, Local Councils and TfL turn a blind eye to the practise of illegally plying for hire. The police and Local Councils just want the streets cleared, at any price.
TfL (Follow The Money) just want the money from license fees and after that, theres no interest in public safety.
Recently PH roundels where purchased for cash from SGS employees... Did TfLTPH recall all the PHVs that were dealt with by the arrested employees? What do you think!
Dangerous life threatening vehicles, driving around in a third world free for all scenario, with no proper enforcement.

We've seen in a previous post that the Cabwise App for the iPad, doesn't work properly ( you can't book a licensed Taxi only minicabs) and it still hasn't been fixed!
Where are the 68 STC enforcement officers the Mayor keeps referring to?
Checking tickets on buses and tube trains...
No one is stopping these predators.
We need proper enforcement of illegal plying for hire and we need it now


Anonymous said...

We will only get action if an MP or big wigs daughter gets molested. The hoi polio jus have to suffer.

Anonymous said...

This animal should be hung or failing that left in a room with members of the victims family

Gerald Coba said...

Hendy, Daniels, Mason
You have these shattered families with broken lives on your conscience

How would you cope if it was one of your close family,
a wife, a daughter, a sister

and you knew you could have prevented it

Anonymous said...

How do Mason, Daniels & Hendy put their heads on a pillow at night and sleep? These three must be ruthless careerists, where climbing up the career ladder goes before women's safety. These men have encouraged rapists and perverts to come into London on a Fri & Sat night and carry out vile sexual assaults on vulnerable women! As they know their is more chance of winning the jackpot on a scratchcard than being pulled over by a copper! How many women have suffered the same type of assault without reporting it? Its highly unlikely either that this scum hasn't carried out a similar assault before!