Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Met Police Action Over Rape Victim, Catastrophic for Women

A damning watchdog report published today found that a Police unit based in Southwark, who's job it was to tackle the increasing number of sex crimes in London, wrote off large numbers of rape allegations as no crimes to reduce the number of unsolved cases on their books.

Met Police rape victim failings
The police watchdog has published a highly-critical report on the Met Police's Sapphire sex crime unit. It said officers pressurise women to drop rape claims, including one against a man who went on to murder his two children.

The Women's Resource Centre, a charity which supports women's organisations has condemned Metropolitan Police after an IPCC report found officers had pressurised women to drop rape claims:

"Yet another catastrophic outcome for women and children as a result of serious and endemic institutionalised failings within the police, and even more worryingly within a specific unit of the police set up to deal with rape and sexual violence."

"They are obviously not fit for purpose! When will the institutionalised sexism obviously rife across the country be properly and satisfactorily addressed? Furthermore, in the wake of £3billion worth of cuts to the women’s sector under this coalition government, when will the life-saving work of women's charitable organisations be fully resourced to ensure appropriate support is available to women who have experienced such heinous crimes?"

Unbelievably all the officers involved in these cases based with the Southwark squad, have been reinstated within the force and two have actually been promoted.

The subsequent fall in minicab related serious sexual assaults in 2010 is alleged to be a direct result of officers pressurising victims into retracting reports of rape and sexual assault and also to prioritise on motor crime, graffiti and mobile phone thefts instead.

A survey carried out by ITN in 2012 showed that 80% of victims of rape fail to report to the police who they see as hostile.


Anonymous said...

Operation Sapphire most certainly isn't in one borough such as Lambeth.
Operation Sapphire was set up specifically as a unit to offer support to rape victims and is an integral part of the STaN agenda.

It has now been established that a blind eye agenda and corruption is rife within this unit. John Snow on tonight's Channel 4 news called for individuals that have turned a blind eye to be disciplined and sacked. FFS, it has taken the media an eternity to publish the facts - they too are guilty to turning a blind eye to what the taxi trade has been screaming about to deaf ears for years!


The many politicians and GLA members including: Peter Hendy,Boris Johnson and in particular John Mason and Helen Chapman must surely now be held accountable.

Mike holder said...

The policy of turning a blind eye to sexual predators outside night clubs and pressurising women not to report rapes just to bring down the statistics has now led to murder.

Jim Thomas has been reporting this since 2007 and has warned where this would lead. Again he has been proven right.

If this is left to fester away, again it can only lead to more assaults, more rapes and eventually more deaths.
The people at the top have no conscience, it's all about position and pay grade.

Follow the money

Anonymous said...

Thought more drivers would have commented on this matter, but they are probably too busy slagging each other off about Hailo or Get Taxi

Anonymous said...

do you really think this is the end of the dodgy identifier,wake up; there will be someone who is smart enough to get around the new security bits,! theres big money in it and im sure theres plenty of takers and not just burb drivers.keep your eyes peeled boys&girls be lucky