Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Taxi Charity Receives Much Deserved International Coverage.

Recently the press has not been the best friend of the cab trade.  Reporting is often biased and sloppy, and journalists persist in printing outdated stereotypes of the trade, so unlike the trade that we know and love.

However, the press has rallied somewhat in the coverage that has been given to the Taxi Charity and I thought readers might find it interesting to know which parts of the media have written about our veterans, their wonderful skydives and the work of the charity.

The coverage began in France, when Fred Glover and Ted Pieri, both WWII veterans from the Airborne Division, revisited Normandy and carried out a tandem skydive in aid of the Taxi Charity. Interestingly the Evening Standard also carried a piece. 

Fred, Ted, Graham Pike (a Taxi charity committee member) and I followed up the Normandy jump with a skydive with the Red Devils on 25th August.  

Naturally the veterans were again deservedly newsworthy, and we have coverage for both events ranging from the Jersey Evening Post, the Daily Mail, and People magazine’s website in the US.

Yet more publicity has been in the Worthing Herald, Guernsey Press, Irish Independent, West Sussex Gazette, Ouest france, the Celebrity Auction, Forces TV, MOD blog, Belfast Telegraph, Forces TV, BT.com, the Times, Mature Times.

Now we have been able to announce the thrilling news about winning the final of the National Lottery awards, and the Standard has published our entire press release.  Of course everything becomes yesterday’s news in the shortest possible time, but as ever, I hope that some of this coverage will resonate with the public and remind them of all the wonderful things that London’s finest do for them    

Frances Luczyc Wyhowska

As Evidence Stacks Up Against TfL & Uber.... Our Taxi Orgs Go Sleepwalking Into Oblivion.

Let's just recap for a moment:

TfLTPH's Twitter account frequently post that Uber met all the requirements for licensing, when first licensed in 2012.
And still do....


Uber have never had a required landline for pre booking.
Uber has never had a landline for customer services. 
Uber have operated from premises with no current operators license variation!  
When challenged over Uber's move from NW1 to N1, TfL compliance gave them a six week grace period to sort out a licence, even though the staff manual states their licence should have been revoked immediately there and then (yes I still have the emails Helen).

Leon Daniels states to the GLA Transport Committee, Uber drivers have on/off insurance!
Association of British Insurers state no such policy exists.

Sir Peter Hendy tells GLA Uber has a landline but he didn't have it with him!

Daniels states Uber has landline for bookings, gives number to GLA.
Number turns out to be Jo Bertram's private number!

TfL denfend Uber's phone used as a Taxi meter, in the high court.
Judge declares its not a meter!

Gran Davis states publicly, Boris told him that "number 10 had told him to go easy on Uber".
Emails emerge...Daniels alleged to be coaching Uber's Jo Bertram!

FOI request shows serious sexual assaults through the roof. 154 from Feb 2015- Feb 2016 with Uber drivers alleged to be responsible for 32 attacks!
Met Police admit only 10% of all sexual attacks are reported. 

TfL put pressure on LTDA to dumb down statistics on AddVan and remove TfL logo!

Record of multiple phone calls between Daniels and Bertram emerge!

Toronto case: 
Uber admit they don't take required pre bookings anywhere in the world including London. They state on oath that jobs go straight to the drivers phone where the driver then accept the Job!

Uber confirm they've never taken pre bookings by announcing they have future plans to take pre bookings using the app not a required landline!

Hundreds of sexual assaults, thousands of traffic accidents, multiple road deaths and two murders!

And now, Just when you thought there could be no more corroborating evidence that TfL are colluding with Uber's operation.....this!

Complaint made to TfL :

"Today Monday 29 August at 12-55 at Bus stop H Wilton Road by Victoria Station, I witnessed a TFL bus Marshall openly promoting Uber to the travelling public.

A man and his son were asking for information and she asked if he had the Uber app.
I think that this is an utter disgrace as there is a Taxi rank just down the road.

It makes you wonder if backhanders are being dished out from the top of TFL to the bottom.

I await your reply, also I shall consider taking this to the press.

You have seven days to give me an appropriate response".

Complaint posted on FaceBook Save Black Taxis Group
Posted with full permission. 

With all the evidence that's come to light over the last few months, you may like to ask your representative group, why they have been so silent of late

Ask the org or union who take your money for representation, what they intend to do with this plethora of information and evidence that alleges malfeasance.

Use TAXIAPP....Take A Black Cab....Its The Thinking Person's Choice.

Monday, August 29, 2016

TfL Charging Passengers For Using Free Replacement Buses....And They Know They're Doing It.

Kingston and Richmond bus users could have payed out of hundreds of pounds unnecessarily after being charged full fare for free buses — and Transport for London knew it was happening.

The 65 and 371 routes from Petersham Road, between Sandy Lane and Star and Garter Hill, and into Kingston have been diverted or cancelled because of utility works that started on July 31.

Three replacement services, the 565, 571 and 572, are running in their place.

The TfL replacement buses are advertised as free during the five week-long roadworks and posters state: "Passengers will still need to tap in but will not be charged."

But anyone using a contactless Visa card instead of an Oyster card will see the full £1.50 fare come from their account.

Siobhan Pestano, who was travelling to Kingston from Ham, noticed she had been charged after boarding the 371 replacement.

She said: "When I noticed the money had come out of my bank account I rang TfL to complain and was told that it was because I'd used my [Visa] card and not an Oyster.

"Well that really set me off because they knew it was happening. I was completely furious.

"Why are there no posters saying 'Oysters only' if they know other cards will be charged.

"These works are happening in the summer holidays when families tend to use the buses much more.

"There will be people who can't afford the charge if they were expecting not to pay.

"Others will not have time to call up TfL for a refund."

Anyone using a contactless payment card twice a day, five days a week on the supposedly free routes would be eligible for a £75 refund after the five weeks of works. TfL cap all bus journeys in London at £4.40.

Emma Smith also found she had been charged when she used her contactless card on the 565 route. She claims she spent 15 minutes on hold to TfL before giving up on getting a refund.

She said: "It was only £3 so I just thought it wasn't worth my time in the end.

"But I bet there are a lot of people using the buses everyday that are racking up a fortune."

A spokesman for TfL said passengers were asked to tap in for security and data collection purposes.

He added: "We appreciate this matter being drawn to our attention.

"We’re looking into it, but in the meantime customers concerned they have been charged should contact our customer services on 0343 222 1234 or email customerservices@tfl.gov.uk."

Man charged with manslaughter after 23-year-old dies following incident in Farringdon Street

Calls have been made to ban this ludicrously dangerous and unsafe UberPool car sharing scheme, but TfL don't appear to be interested in public safety, just the money from the licenses they dish out like confetti. After a plethora of serious sexual assaults, as predicted, we have the first murder.

A 32-year-old old has been charged with manslaughter following the incident on August 26.

Alexander Bruce Thomson, 32, of Wandsworth has been remanded in custody and will appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on August 29.

The victim, who died the day after the attack, was travelling with four other passengers in a mini-cab through the City following a night out. The men got into the minicab near Farringdon station.

We want to hear from anybody who might have been in Farringdon Street and who may have seen what happened as the minicab pulled up and stopped.


At around 11.20pm the driver stopped the car and called the emergency services and the victim was taken to hospital. 

His immediate next of kin are aware, but are in the process of informing other close family members. A post-mortem examination will take place in due course.

The City Of London Police have put out his appeal on their website:

A 32-year-old man has been charged with manslaughter after a man died following an incident in a minicab in Farringdon Street on Friday, 26 August.

The victim, a 23-year-old man from London, was pronounced dead on Saturday evening, 27 August.

His immediate next of kin are aware, but are in the process of informing other close family members at this time. A post-mortem examination has been scheduled to take place at St Pancras mortuary in due course (date to be confirmed).

Alexander Bruce Thomson (23.02.1984) of Broomwood Road, Wandsworth was charged with manslaughter on Saturday 27 August and he has been remanded in custody to appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Monday 29 August.

Detectives from the City of London Police continue to appeal to anyone who may have witnessed the incident which happened after a minicab stopped in Farringdon Street on Friday night.

The victim was travelling with four other passengers following a night out having got into the minicab near to Farringdon station.

At approximately 23:20hrs, the driver stopped the car near to a bus stop by the junction with Old Seacol Lane, just north of Ludgate Circus, and emergency services were called. Both police and London Ambulance Service attended and the victim was taken to hospital, where he later died.

Officers arrested one of the passengers at the scene on suspicion of GBH and he was subsequently charged with manslaughter as above. No other arrests have been made at this time.

Detectives are urging any witnesses or anyone with information who may have been in Farringdon Street at the time the cab stopped to get in touch with them.

Detective Chief Inspector Perry Stokes, from the City of London Police said: “Our thoughts and deepest sympathies are with the victim’s family at this time. This was a tragic incident where a young man has gone to enjoy a night out, but sadly he will not be returning home.

“I would urge anybody who was in the Farringdon Street area on Friday night who witnessed the minicab stopping and what happened after to get in contact with us to help with our enquiries. The area where the cab stopped was not far from Ludgate Circus and there would have been other people making their way home at the time who may have information that could help us piece together what happened.”

Anyone with information should contact the City of London Police on 0207 601 2222 or call Crimestoppers, which is completely anonymous, on 0800 555 111.

Taxi Leaks Extra comment :

Watch this short video made outside the Mayfair Hotel. One passenger in front seat and four bundled into the rear seats. 


This from Evening Standard  13 June  2016:

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Economic Terrorism : 'To alter the order of society by non democratic means'

So here we have it, a non domiciled tax avoiding company using the odd bedfellows of Goldman Sachs and Saudi Arabia to fund a financial model that exploits the drivers and the benefit system this company contributes virtually nothing to, to crush all others in the market and when the desired monopoly exists to gouge the passenger.

Otherwise, there would be no other point to it all...would there?

Of course any kind of regulatory requirement to provide safety, adequate insurance or the ability to communicate to a standard, brings forth a lobbying effort and social media campaign on a massive scale, the same story repeats itself over and over worldwide.

So what's to do?
Well for a start, let's have some flyers funded (without any trade org logos) to hand out to everyone you see in an uber car, this needs three bullet points as follows:

1. The driver of this vehicle is likely to be earning less that the minimum wage, driving hours way beyond safe limits.

2. The company you are travelling with is losing billions to subsidise fares to destroy legitimate British tax paying businesses, their intentions are obvious.

3. You might be saving a few pounds today but if they succeed in their plans your ride will inevitably cost much more and you will have NO choice but to pay up.

                              'Think about it' !

Of course 90% won't give a monkeys, but some will at least pause and it may change their behaviour.

Every percentage counts and we are targeting the right audience.

I wil be asking my union to get behind this, ask yours please?

I'm Spartacus