Saturday, August 19, 2017

What's The One Word Definition Of Irony = Uber.

You really couldn't make it up. An Uber driver was caught red handed -illegally plying for hire- when he stupidly picked up two council enforcement officers outside a pub in Guilford. 

More Irony From Uber, Be Booked Be Insured.

The driver, Ifran Hamid Hussain was found guilty at Guilford Magistrates' court earlier this week and the story has been in most of the papers.

Uber have now 'Slammed down on illegal pick ups'...well they would do wouldn't they, because they get zero commission from an illegal cash pick up. 

On the other hand, Uber actually encourage their drivers to illegally pick up passengers, in areas where the drivers, cars, and uber itself are not licensed to operate (as we've seen in Reading). In some cases they offer,financial encouragements to get their drivers to contravene the terms of their licence.

They've even physically changed the county boundaries, informing drivers they can work the Uber app in Canterbury as this is covered by the London area

And apparently, Swansea is covered by Cardif !!!   

It's only when Uber are not profiteering, they slam down on the illegal pick ups. 

Now, if this had happened to a licensed Taxi driver, he would have immediately had his/her licence revoked. But it seems, TfL are not in the habit of revoking Uber drivers licenses as that would add to the already horrendous statistics stacking up against this company.

In fact the driver in this case is still registered on the TfL web checker, as a licensed private hire driver!

Illegally licensed in 2012, they have been allowed to continue without meeting legislated regulations, been allowed to operate from unlicensed premises and regulations have been altered and relaxed to allow Uber to continue to operate. 

We've seen in the media that Uber drivers are responsible for one serious sexual attack every week, an increase of 50% on the previous years.

Two weeks ago an Uber driver rapist was jailed for 12 years.

This was followed last weekend by the new that a senior Met police officer had 'Slammed' Uber over failing to report sex attacks and other serious crimes committed by its drivers. 

We've seen fake medical scandal

We read about fake topographical tests

We've seen drivers selling drugs from their vehicles

We seen drivers arrested over carrying firearms.

We've seen DBS criminal record checks changed

It just goes on and on. 

TfL seem to be taking no action in order to protect the public. In fact it's worse that that...TfL appear to be protecting Uber at all costs. 

And yes, we have the emails to prove this!

The article below is from

The only reason Uber has hit out at drivers who pick up passengers on unbooked rides is they are not earning.

But hold gets worse!

Following Ifran Hamid Hussain's conviction this week, you would think he would have lost his PHV licence. TfL have said on many occasions that any drivers convicted of illegal touting would have their licence revoked. 

But do they really mean, any driver except for an Uber driver?

An Uber spokesman said: "In the UK all private hire trips must be pre-booked through an operator (but then Uber have been telling us for the last 5 years, they don't do pre-bookings). 

Uber are only interested in app jobs that pay them commission, they care nothing about boundaries. 

Uber went on to say:

"Any driver found to have accepted a job without a pre-booking will permanently lose access to the Uber app and risks having their private hire licence taken away".... But this would apply to every job that is offered to the drivers???

So Uber will permanently banned them from working, but it appears TfL won't!

Hussain, 33, of Honeysuckle Close appeared at Guildford Magistrates' Court Wednesday (August 16) where he was found guilty. 

He was caught in the act on August 28 last year when he parked outside a pub in Guildford to take the council officers for a ride.

Hussain was ordered to pay Guildford Borough Council £1,500 following his conviction.

He was also fined a further £250 and ordered to pay a £30 victim surcharge.

   Are Uber, A Law Unto Themselves.


Video by London Taxi Driver Marc Turner

Friday, August 18, 2017

UBER Customers Warned, Smartphone App Virus That could Steal Bank Card Information

Crooks are targeting the most popular international taxi and ride-sharing services with malware that can nab credit card details

 UBER customers have been warned that crooks have found a way to steal their credit card details as they use the ride-sharing app.
The tech company is reportedly one of several targets which cyber crooks are using to prey on the public.

Uber’s algorithm means prices are raised when there’s high demand against supply

Kaspersky Labs have said that Uber users are “at risk” of malware dubbed Faketoken, which disguises itself in games and imitates Adobe Flash Player.

Victims might have clicked on what appears to be a prompt to update their Flash plugin while watching a video on their phone.

But they will have unwittingly downloaded Faketoken, which can live-track their apps.

When a victim opens a ride-sharing app like Uber, Faketoken creates a fake window to steal their bank card details when they type them in.

The malware has identical interfaces, with the same colour schemes and logos to creates an instant and completely invisible overlay, Kaspersky said

This kind of overlaying is a common function enabled in many mobile apps.

Callous crooks will do whatever they can to nab all your details and love to target the vulnerable – including stressed A-level students who were struggling to find uni spotsyesterday.

It appears that criminals are targeting several of the most popular international taxi and ride-sharing services with their fraud tech.

Last year, a version of Faketoken attacked more than 2,000 financial apps around the world by disguising itself as various programs and games.

Since then, Faketoken has morphed into a more sophisticated threat.

Viktor Chebyshev, a security expert at Kaspersky Lab said: “The fact that cyber criminals have expanded their activities from financial applications to other areas, including taxi and ride-sharing services, means that the developers of these services may want to start paying more attention to the protection of their users.

“The banking industry is already familiar with fraud schemes and tricks, and its previous response involved the implementation of security technologies in apps that significantly reduced the risk of theft of critical financial data.

“Perhaps now it is time for other services that are working with financial data to follow suit.

“The new version of Faketoken targets mostly Russian users. However, the geography of attacks could easily be extended in the future. We have seen that with previous versions of Faketoken and other banking malware in the past.”

“However, the geography of attacks could easily be extended in the future. We have seen that with previous versions of Faketoken and other banking malware in the past.”

Faketoken has been spotted targeting travel and hotel booking apps, apps for traffic fine payments, Android Pay and the Google Play Market.

Source : The Sun.

Totally Failing London's Night Tube, Close To Collapse... Say RMT.

The RMT is claiming that the night tube service on the Piccadilly line is in crisis with only a third of the trains currently operational and passengers having to wait up to an hour.

The tube union say the problem is due to a lack of trained train operators available to run the service. They say that they have been informed that one weekend this month there were only seven trains running on the line instead of the scheduled 22. The RMT understands that the problems could continue until Christmas. 

The union says the situation is raising safety concerns for their members who have to deal with angry and sometimes intoxicated passengers who have experienced extended delays.

They claim that the lack of drivers is not down to sickness or industrial action but London Underground’s lack of planning in getting enough drivers trained in time and that the issue has been further exacerbated by management’s reluctance to fully take on board a number of concerns raised by the RMT.

RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said, “Tube bosses need to send out a clear signal that they are addressing the driver shortage issues which have reduced the Night Tube on the Piccadilly Line to chaos.

“London Underground also need to urgently address the major safety and customer service issues arising from the Piccadilly Line Night Tube crisis that they have created.

“Instead of dismissing some of the key points raised by our safety reps , LUL needs to listen to the concerns of its workers and implement an urgent solution so that Night Tube trains and stations are staffed and run safely and customers get the service they were promised.”

We have asked TfL for a comment on the situation but have yet to reply

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Taxis In Barcelona, Reported To Be Giving People Free Lifts To Safe Areas.

Spanish police say they have shot dead several suspects while carrying out an operation in response to another terrorist attack south of Barcelona.

The regional police for Catalonia said on Twitter early on Friday that officers are in Cambrils, a seaside resort town about 70 miles from Barcelona.

They called on people in the town not to go out on the streets.

Spain's public broadcaster, RTVE, is reporting that officers have killed four people and injured another.

The broadcaster said police suspected they were planning an attack in Cambrils just hours after a van swerved onto a pedestrian promenade in Barcelona, killing 13.

Spanish media saying the attack was similar to the one in Barcelona and that 6 people have been killed. 

Source : ITV News.

The whole world is grieving again, as tonight, horrific pictures fill our TV screens. Once again we are seeing unfortunate people being killed by another heinous, preplanned terrorist attack, in the Las Ramblas area in Barcelona. 

A Spanish newspaper has said the attack was definitely terrorist related, one suspect had been arrested and is in custody. In another related incident just outside the centre, its alleged another terrorist had been killed in a shootout with Catalan police. Breaking news on Sky at 8pm, say another suspect may well have been arrested!

Police have said 13 have died with over 50 seriously injured. 

Once again, we are seeing Taxi drivers, stepping up to the mark, offering the terrified holiday makers and locals  trapped in the chaos, rides to safer areas free of charge. 

Local Taxis have put signs in their Cabs saying Taxi SOS.

The London Taxi trade look towards our brother and sister Taxi drivers tonight in Barcelona. 
We salute you all.
Our thoughts and our hearts are with you.

Conservative MP, Charlie Elphicke Says Bank Junction Cameras Are Fleecing Motorists.

A Conservative MP has accused the City of London Corporation's decision to ban all vehicles other than bicycles and buses at Bank Junction as being motivated more by a desire to raise money through fining motorists who ignore it, rather than being due to safety concerns.

The local authority that governs the Square Mile began an 18-month trial of the ban, which applies from 7am to 7pm on Mondays to Fridays, in May this year.

The move was welcomed by cycling campaigners, who had lobbied for safety improvements at the junction since the death there of 26-year-old Ying Tao in 2015, when she was crushed by a lorry as she rode to work.

While the City of London Corporation initially sent warning letters to motorists caught flouting the ban, in June it began fining them, with vehicle registrations captured using seven cameras equipped with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (APNR) technology around the junction.

Nevertheless, large numbers of motorists are continuing to drive through Bank Junction outside the permitted hours.

The Daily Star reports that an average of 1,498 drivers were fined each day between 7 June and 17 July, according to a Freedom of Information request.

With a fixed penalty notice of £130 being issued to transgressors, total fines during that period were almost £200,000 a day.

The newspaper extrapolates that to being equivalent to almost £50 million a year – although that figure, equivalent to around 375,000 individual fines, seems to assume that drivers would not change their behaviour after being caught the first time.

Charlie Elphicke, Conservative MP for Dover, told the Daily Star: “The cameras on this junction are fleecing motorists for £200,000 a day.

“Many people would say this looks like a case of revenue-raising rather than anything to do with traffic safety.

“Cameras are simply there to raise revenue cause big resentment and are incredibly unfair,” he added

Source : Road.CC 

The Curious Case Of The Russell Square Disappearing PHV Registration Incident.

Footage emerged  yesterday on Facebook, showing a minicab driver, desperately trying to drive away, after allegedly causing a collision. The TfL registered private hire car was seen by witnesses to have reversed into a Taxi.

The vehicle sporting TfL licence roundels, drove off at speed almost running over two Taxi drivers who were trying to cut off his escape. 

The Mystery Begins:
Earlier yesterday, Taxi Leaks carried out a registration search on the Transport for London's PHV licence checker website and found that the silver Peugeot FE12LZS indeed had a TfL licence disc number 410629. We took this screen shot below from the TfL site.

Then later in the evening, when we checked again before posting the story, the Peugeot had been mysteriously removed from the website, even though it was only licensed just over 4weeks ago. 

As the incident had been reported to both TfL and the Met Police, we would assume, after viewing the footage, TfL have decided to immediately revoked the vehicles PHV licence.

So (if this is indeed the case) credit where credits due and well done to TfL.

But this doesn't look right and it doesn't smell right...they've never done this before. We've had drivers convicted in court and still on the website!

Is this another TfL cover up?
Are TfL trying to make this look like an out of town'er with app and insurance turned off keep it off the London statistics?
(We already seen proof they massaged the sexual assault stats and are currently holding back the RTA stats from FOI requests)


We now await the fun and games!
Was it an Uber driver?
Did he have the App switch on?
Does he have Hire and Reward insurance?
Was that switched on?
Was the driver, a licensed PHV driver?
Will we ever find out???